Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween Swap ~ Sent!

It's hard to write about mundane things like crafting when much of the area I knew growing up is engulfed in flames. The areas we lived, worked, and went to school in have all been evacuated, and I'm pretty sure my ex-boyfriend's parents' house is no more. Poor Leslie is anxiously awaiting news on her sweet little cabin. My prayers go out to those who are displaced, and to the firefighters tasked with fighting a nearly impossible fight.


So anyway - here is what I sent to Shara for the Witch's Cauldron swap ~

Some cookie making supplies - just like Shara sent me!

For and about her son - The bat is similar to a chia pet!

A bucket of fun! I'm not sure I could have fit one more thing in here. I'll try to list all the contents, but I'm sure I'll miss a few things: Candy, including tootsie rolls and pops, a Pez dispenser, Abba Zabba, and Dots, a jack-o-lantern paper punch, floating cat faced candles, 2 ribbons on spools, a sequined mask, hot chocolate, party blowers, treat bags, a Halloween banner, and some craft items I packaged including googly eyes, beads, brads, confetti, and glitter.

Here is the bucket packed up

Hope it looked like this on arrival!

For my homemade item, I took this sign from Michaels

which had a cool shape and the interesting metalwork at the top...and created this

Not the best pic, unfortunately. The papers and 3-D elements are all Making Memories. I hand-cut the paper shapes, and mod podged the whole she-bang.

This was such a fun swap! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, made more fun this year by trying a new project, and *meeting* a gal who loves Halloween as much as me!


eviedee said...

Absolutely darling! I adore your Googly Eyes. :)

Patty said...

It finally hit me today to check on the So Calif based blogs that I read to make sure everyone is ok. It sounds like you're fine but I'm really sorry to hear about your old neighborhoods. I don't ever remember this many fires burning at once out here. It's really scary. Take care.

Patty, a lurker from San Juan Capistrano

malieta said...

I am so sorry about the fire situation! My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you in the area.

Your swap goodies look awesome, you did a fantastic job putting everything together!

leslie said...

thanks jen. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Junie Moon said...

The fires are horrible and I am keeping everyone there (including my husband who's there for business) in my thoughts and prayers.

Your Halloween swap project items are wonderful. It's my favorite holiday, too, and I love seeing the Halloween things other folks make--so creative!

Cobwebs said...

I'm on the other side of the continent now, but I grew up in So CA and my family is still there. I've been watching the news with great concern.

May I ask where you got the chia bat? It's adorable.

Rebecca said...

Love your swap! That bucket is too cute. You really have a knack for these things. :)

The fires worry me, too. :(

Shara said...

Grateful Shara here - I loved everything you sent. I have photos taken, but haven't posted to my blog. We made a trip to the ER today and were there NINE HOURS trying to get to the root of the beans bellyache. I am brain dead tonight. I promise to update my post SOON. I will link to you pics too, because I was so tickled to open my stuff, I took hasty photos. Thanks for everything!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

~just a note~

The bat chia pet is from Cost Plus.

Shara said...

The Chia Bat is starting to grow. I will post photos when his hair is wild and wooly!

Cindy said...

You are just so clever and creative!