Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Felt Mouse ~ Season One

I'm tired, as I'm sure many of you are, of the same old excuses I've expressed here ad nauseum for not working on some items to sell. I have the ideas, and the supplies, all I need really is a good kick in the ass.

I received it this week in talking with my buddy Leslie. This gal is WAY more taxed timewise than me, yet she is striking up quite the business portfolio selling her tooth pillows all over the world. I don't think either of us are looking for a full-time craft gig. No - just having an idea and seeing it come to fruition. Feeling like you accomplished something. And maybe a few warm fuzzies knowing somebody out there likes your work.

So, enough with the excuses. The Felt Mouse ~ Season One: Fit to be Tied, will be debuting November 4. Here is a preview:

Headtie (headband)

Tie Tacks (covered pushpins)

Also will include Bow Ties (hair pins) and Cufflinks (wrist cuffs). Made from vintage silk, wool, linen, and just a few polyester neckties.

Wish me luck!


Junie Moon said...

Your projects look wonderful and I'm sure they'll do well.

Rebecca said...

These are fabulous! I love the fabrics you've chosen. I so need a headband too. :) They will do wonderfully!

I know that feeling you have, I need the old kick in the ass, too. I good cleaning of the craft room this weekend will motivate me. I always find something I forgot I had that inspires me to create. :)

elizabeth said...

i love those headbands!!

major swoonage :)

Jenn Maruska said...

Great fabrics!

I really like the little pins - they'd be great as sets, maybe with a color theme : )

eviedee said...

I'd wish you luck, but you won’t need it. Your items look stylish and impeccably crafted. :) Go Jen!

Christina said...

I love these projects! Wonderful fabrics. And, I went and bought a tooth fairy pillow in your friend's store! My son has about 5 loose teeth right now and I'm just hoping they don't all fall out at once!

telfair said...

I totally agree with the previous commenters -- these are just too wonderful not to be HUGE hits. The vintage necktie idea is fabulous and inspired. Hope you let us know where we can order some for ourselves.

melanie jennifer said...

Great ideas! Love the tacks.

leslie said...

oh my! thanks for the mention (you are the best!) i love season one, i want some push pins! i am thinking a big huge "inspiration wall" in my bedroom would work (no place left in my tiny house). fancy push pins would elevate it to art, need some asap!


woof nanny said...

Gack! A NECKTIE project?!! Love love love. Can you post the pic to my Sewing with Neckties group on flickr if you haven't already done so? So cool Jen!