Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Purse Project ~ Amulet Bag

Barb's theme for The Purse Project for August/September was to make an amulet bag. From her website, and amulet bag is

"...a bag for prayer requests, for family wishes, for goals and inspirations, for art projects....The theme just needs to encompass some sort of token, be it an embroidered cross, to a pouch filled with herbs. In other words,
create a significance."

I decided the one who needs a bag full of prayers most around here is Chuy. So, I knit him a little amulet holder and collar (sadly, he cannot wear his regular collar anymore)

and here is what the bag contains

~ A dog "talisman" (or, a piece from a Monopoly game for the realists out there - I'm trying to be meaningful here)
~ A treat, because he deserves a million of them
~ A chocolate bar to represent the time he ate half a bag of chocolate chips (this is when he lived with all guys who were careless with such things), and lived to tell about it. This too shall pass...
~ Rosemary to ward off fleas, and again for remembrance.

Chuy did not appear too thrilled with his amulet bag. Ah, well. The good wishes will carry with him even if the bag does not.


Rebecca said...

Aw buddy, look at his little tongue. :) He has such a sweet face. I know your little bag will bring him fabulous luck and good health.

barbian7 said...

Thank you so so much for participating in this challenge. This is exactly the type of thing I was hoping for. Lots of good luck and well wishes to the Chuyster.

telfair said...

Poor Chuy. It sucks so much to have a family member feeling under the weather. I am sending him good recovery vibes.