Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Love Letter to Vera Wang

Dearest Vera,

Thank you so very much for designing your new line of clothes for the common woman! I am so in love with your new line, Simply Vera, at Kohls, it makes my heart swell just scrolling through the website.

Granted, not all of the dainty pieces looked as good on my apple dumpling butt as I would have liked, but I was able to scoop up some pieces that worked, and am now feeling like the most stylish girl in the office.

Well, there is only one other girl in my office, but we both know who's got it going on.

Your lingerie makes me want to dump out my whole undie drawer and start from scratch.

And your accessories

all of them

are the epitome of sophistication

Ok, so this ring was a little out of my price range

but I swear it is the first ring I have seen in my entire lifetime set with my birthstone that I have swooned over - that has to count for something!

I so appreciate your efforts to make fashion affordable and accessible. Thank you thank you thank you!



Junie Moon said...

P.S. from June--thank you, Vera, I love your clothes, too.

What a cute letter and I love the clothes. By the way, you're not alone in having an "apple dumpling butt." I'm with you on that one.

Christen said...

Ah! I must get my apple dumbling butt to Kohl's! That ring matches my perfume by her perfectly! Yes, apparently I need for everything to match, even my jewelry and toiletries.

eviedee said...


leslie said...

sweet! i will check it out asap

elizabeth said...

damn you kohls for being 45 minutes away (however my wallet thanks you).

these pieces are amazing and seriously, that is the most gorgeous ring with OUR birthstone in it :)

Dee Light said...

what cute stuff!!! I had no idea she had a line at Kohls!!! I'll have to check it out this weekend. But of course I'm wearing maternity clothes, I can dream!!!