Sunday, September 16, 2007

I still care!

After reading a message in which My Missionary wrote that he thought BT and I had stopped sending him care packages because we were mad at him, I knew I had to get something out in the mail pronto. Poor guy!

I found it difficult to explain to him that though the calendar says "September," to me it feels like it should be the first week of July. My sense of time is so off lately. Things that happened years ago seem like yesterday. Dates that seemed far off at some point are looming in the near future. Are we completely sure that the earth didn't start spinning faster at some point?

The first makeup package for July includes the photo album sent to me by dear Deb, and some party leftovers

I figured that things that seem boring and mundane to me may have a different meaning for somebody who has been in a foreign country for 14 months. So, I put together a little album of ho hum things we have been doing - the party, trips, remodeling, family gatherings, etc. -
a small glimpse of life back here at home.

The August package was school supply focused. I figured he could probably find a use for this stuff, or find somebody who could

I also made him a fun owl bookmark. Guess it's owl season again, huh?

I'm still challenging myself to come up with thin ideas to fit these care packages in an international flat rate envelope. I couldn't stretch my creativity enough to come up with a package for this month. Any advice is surely welcome! We have, what, like - oh, crap. Nevermind. I just looked. We have less than two stinkin' weeks left before this month blows on by like all the rest...


Jenn Maruska said...

I have to agree - where did the summer go??? It just flew by!

I think your owl is adorable : )

Emy said...

Yeah, time is weird lately. I'm glad summer is over though! It was much too hot here!

I would go with a Fall theme. It's the season that makes me homesick the most. Because there are no trees here that turn colors. And Halloween is not celebrated. And pumpkins aren't even in season. No gourds can be bought. The smells, the colors, the tastes all makes me happy. Acorns, woodland creatures, even colorful mushrooms (because we would go camping at a place where the most beautiful red and orange mushrooms grew). Leaves, pumpkins, spices, crisp cool air. I love fall. Is it cold where he is? Maybe a light weight scarf or hat?
Hope I've helped in some way!

Anne said...

I love the owl bookmark!

Junie Moon said...

It's a wonderful package and so full of things to cheer your missionary.

CelticMommy said...

I also love the bookmark! Very creative.

For the September care package, I would do something with apples and leaves since this is traditional fall time (though not where I am!). Maybe also a poem on the seasons (Robert Frost has some beautiful ones) and candy? Can you do food?

Great blog! ~Hettie (by way of The Witches Cauldron)

Raesha D said...

What great packages!! That is so awesome that you are showing the love to your missionary:):) When my cousins or friends have served missions one thing I have done is send them a card or postcard everyday for one week...they love getting all that mail:) Other than that, I love to send journals and pictures from home (which you have covered so nicely:))

Abby said...

How nice of you! I have never sent any packages to the missonaries at our church or my father-in-law's church. I should do that.

woof nanny said...

Does he like sports? Fall for a lot of men means... FOOTBALL!
An idea anyway.
Or, like Emy said, the leaves and all the yummy colors. Can you send food? How about pumpkin bread or cookies?

amandajean said...

how sweet to send care packages...I am sure that they are much appreciated.

I hear ya' about the time flying by. I have a few quilts I am making for gifts and I realized one deadline is at the end of september...that is next week! and the other I was going to make is for sometime in October...which is a few weeks away. I can't believe it!!! Yeah, I don't know if I am going to make my deadlines...either one!