Monday, September 03, 2007

Beach Blanket Bingo Luau 2007

The Beach Blanket Bingo luau, co-hosted with the lovely Hot Dish family, was a raging success! A good time was had by all, in no small part due to Evie and my attention to every detail

(Photo opportunity entering the party - hand-painted by Evie. Isn't it the cutest? I love her old-timey style)

Our interpretation of the Beach Blanket Bingo theme was to focus on beach/ boardwalk type activities

(felt banner made by me)

("The Midway" - the beanbag toss game is another Evie creation. I made the ring toss game)

and food. In addition to the requisite hot dogs and hamburgers, we also had a nacho station, candy bar, full-sized popcorn cart, and a real cotton candy machine

Which was a big hit with the little ones, as you can see.

BT built a "beach shack" over the dance floor

(Not sure this thing is up to code - I believe it ended up taller than our house!)

(the shack at night - during the "best dressed" contest)

It was hot hot hot the day of the party, so it was good to have a pool for the kidlets

and the bar with rum drinks a-flowin' for the big kids

60s beach music played all day, and campy beach movies were shown on the wall behind the bar in the evening. It was such a great time! A big thank you to all our guests, especially those who helped us out during the last minute crunch!

So, Evie - What's our theme for next year?


Junie Moon said...

What an awesome party--just the kind I would be happy attending. The bean bag toss is a fun idea as is the "photo op" and everything else. Great attention to detail!

Sarah and Jack said...

Wow, what a great party.

I need someone to come and do Jack's next birthday, you're hired! LOL

leslie said...

awesome! i promise to make it next year! we had tons of rain up at the cabin, actually was better than the heat, but not much lake/fish/beach time! love that photo op, great paint job evie!

Miss Bliss said...

Amazing party!!! I was hoping that the weather would break for you with that horrible heat streak you all have been dealing with!

woof nanny said...

So bummed I missed it. I love the idea of movies shown on the wall. How fun!

jek-a-go-go said...

Oh my mawd! I thought it was September 7! Yikes, I am so so so bummed I mixed this up...looks like a blast! Drats! People dressed up too...none of the people we know ever come in costume when they should...pooh! Oh man, I wish we were there!

Rebecca said...

Wow Jen this looks great!!! I love the "can the clam" too cute! You are a party thrower extraordinaire! How I wish I had been there!!

chelemom said...

This is incredible! I am definitely party challenged....throw a couple of burgers on the grill and I am done....this is like a Martha Stewart party.....WOWEEE!!!