Monday, September 10, 2007

After much delay ~ Mailorder #6

I thought for sure with the lazy days of summer behind me, I would be back to my regular crafting schedule. Alas, that does not seem to be the case. We have taken on yet another redecorating project, and work has been more hectic as well.

My list of to-do projects would probably fill up this whole page. These are not projects I casually bought the fabric for, and hope to do "someday." No, these are projects that are in various stages of completion, abandoned in bags, a basket, storage boxes, etc. It hurts my heart to think about some important deadlines I missed over the last several months (a niece's and a nephew's birthdays come to mind). My Missionary has started inquiring about his lack of packages. {sigh} If only there were 10 more hours in the day...

I can't say this was a priority project, but - I really enjoy completing Amy's Mailorder packets. I am one behind with #6, so I will sully the Flickr pool with my rag dollies in the midst of all the paper pieced quilt squares.

I was so excited to make these guys! I loved picking out the right bits of fabric, and the hair. Do you know there is a whole website dedicated to doll hair? Yep, it's that important to some folks. We had some issues with little Andy's shirt, so he's sporting the unbuttoned, muscle-man arm look. Somebody has been away from their sewing machine too long.

Of course, nobody thinks much about minor flub ups with a plate of Mailorder goodness in front of them

in this case Orange Almond Cloud Cookies. They positively melt in your mouth!!

And this was the issue with the official Mailorder Member patch

'cause you know us crafters, we're hard core, yo!


Junie Moon said...

Your Mailorder #6 projects are wonderful! Don't feel alone in being behind with them, so am I.

Miss Bliss said...

You are too stinkin' cute!!! Thanks for the order too! They might have been... Too funny that we married VERY similar men! I hope he loves it!

eviedee said...

That picture is so RAD!

African Kelli said...

Love that patch! And the fact you are wielding a seam ripper. Too funny.