Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Would you believe...?

You know the expression - Never Say Never?

Well, I should have never said that I was done with Moroccan style as far as our bedroom is concerned. I'm not quite sure what in my brain equates that style with our sleeping space, but it looks like we will continue rockin' the Casbah for awhile longer

A little more sophisticated this time around, though - Moroccan Mod, I believe is the term. Crisp, white walls (not gray, as it unfortunately appears in these pics) - such a difference from the bright colors we had previously. The wall color had to be white to balance the gigantor bed and two large dressers we squeezed into our tiny room (we are the new slaves to comfort)

I have found out that those who are crazy for white decor are sticklers for shades, so I will tell you that this is Polar Bear by Behr. It is just a hair on the yellow side. The wall paint was also used to paint a Target (previously brown) end table, vent covers turned artwork

and a vintage mirror

I guess the Moroccan resurgence started with my Dwell duvet cover purchase. It was a hasty buy, after stumbling upon it online searching for something else. After that point, it was almost scary how well the other elements came together. Suede cut-out curtains from JCPenney, bedside lamps with paper cut shades on clearance at Home Depot (it's all about the light shining through things)

and a lovely glass vase from, of all places, the grocery store

I guess you never know how or when inspiration is going to hit. Or where it is going to take you.

(psst - Here's how crowded the room really is)


Megan said...

I'd be rockin' the Casbah too (thatnks for the continual song loop in my head, by the way) if I could make it look like that.

Miss Bliss said...

I love the curtains, and you need to take a pic of the lamps with the lights on so we can see the cut outs!!!! BTW don't you find when places like Lowes or Home Depot does clearance sales on anything they mean business!

Sarah and Jack said...

Wow, that was a lot of painting to go from the dark colors to white!

And the floor is gorgeous.

jungle dream pagoda said...

Wow,everything looks lovely and I love the white on white bits. It totally makes them(the white bits) become architectural elements.
...and yes,great job on the floors!

June said...

Your bedroom looks quiet, elegant, and just right for restful sleeping. A serene room--that's how I'd describe it.

leslie said...

your room looks wonderful! i think our bedroom is next in line to be painted too.

Emy said...

What a lovely, peaceful room!

Dee Light said...

What a restful room!!! It looks just lovely!!!

Heidi said...

Looks very serene and peaceful. I love that in a bedroom.

woof nanny said...

Vents turned artwork? Okay, that is just too too good. Wow. I love that! And I loooove Dwell.