Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rocky Road Ahead

And vanilla...and chocolate...and a custard or two

Another long overdue purchase - an ice cream maker. Considering that I eat ice cream - er - every single day (I didn't get my thunder thighs from eating celery!), this is probably the best investment I have made in a long time. Ms. Hot Dish suggested that I purchase the Hamilton Beach brand maker (she ended up buying the Cuisinart - we're preparing to do a taste off soon). So glad that I succumbed to my peer's pressure yet again. I was more than happy with my first batch shown here - Rocky Road.

The canister is in the freezer waiting for me to choose a new flavor. So what's your favorite homemade ice cream/frozen yogurt/custard/sherbet/gelato recipe?


Anonymous said...

One word: peanutbutter... four syllables.

Emy said...

I like to just alter the basic vanilla recipe by adding blended up fruit. I love banana ice cream! I've also made pumpkin. Coffee as well. I'm thinking of trying mango. I had some at a restaurant here and it was better than sex! So many yummy variations can be made. Coconut and pineapple, cherry (also a fave here), try to get watermelon to work (another restaurant made this.)
As much as I adore gelato, I have yet to make any. I need to google a recipe.

June said...

I love Rocky Road ice cream--it's one recipe I make a lot. Here is a recipe for another one that I like to serve at events I host for women--Rose Petal Ice Cream. I use the roses from my garden (no chemicals).

Rose Petal Ice Cream

• 2 cups milk
• 1 cup granulated sugar
• 1 cup organic rose petals*
• 1/2 cup whole, skinless almonds
• 3 drops natural red food coloring

* If you use roses from the garden, make sure they have not been sprayed with insecticides.

In a heavy-bottom saucepan, heat milk, sugar and rose petals (reserving a few for garnish) over moderate heat until almost boiling. Purée mixture in a blender with almonds.

Add natural food coloring and strain. Chill thoroughly and process in an ice cream maker.
Serve in chilled glasses with a few fresh petals to garnish.

Stefani said...

Oh my gosh! That looks so yummy, and now I'm going to be forced to replace our broken machine!

Jodi said...

Can't wait to see which ice cream maker delivers! I've been meaning to get one for my parents, so I'll wait for the reviews.

eviedee said...

Your ice cream looks fabulous! I only work a half day today. Now I know what I must do with the rest of my day! ;)

Rebecca said...

Yum! I want to join the great icecream freeze-off! :) I have the Cuisinart myself. I like pina colada ice cream made with coconut milk and fresh pineapple. I think I'll make some next week and let you know how it turns out! I also want to make ginger ice cream.

Oh and you should totally get the Ben & Jerry's ice cream cookbook. They have recipes for all their flavors!


African Kelli said...

You are killing me with that photo! YUM!!

Sarah and Jack said...

There is a Martha Stewart recipe for avocado gelato that I am dying to try. The last flavor we made was chocolate/banana/caramel. Yum!

Dee Light said...

Yum, homemade ice cream!! I LOVE vannila!!! Oh, and my Mom used to make Cherry Nut ice cream is was great too!!!

leslie said...

oh my god that rocky road looks awesome! it would be a toss up between pistachio and rocky road. yum!

woof nanny said...

I don't have a recipe, but if you could replicate Haagen Dazs' German Chocolate Cake, I might have to make a drive north...

Sere said...

did you prepare this rocky road ice cream? would you be so kind to share the recipe? :) if you prefer you can sent it to my e-mail address, which you can find in my profile :)
thanks :-)