Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Party Planning 101 ~ Time to Party!

Well, you've lit the candles and straightened the couch cushions a dozen times. Your guests will arrive soon. Enjoy the moment, and like I said previously - take lots of pictures!!

I guess I'll take the opportunity to answer questions, if anybody has any. Here are the few I receive during the last week

Q. (from Leslie) ...maybe a Luau is in order??
A. Yes - definitely!

Q. Do you do this for a living? If not, why not?
A. If I did it, I would want to focus on small gatherings (50 or less people) and there just isn't enough dinero. People might be willing to shell out $500 for a party like this, but they wouldn't necessarily want to pay somebody to prep the month before the event on top of that.

Q. I love that sign!! Do you still have it? Did you really post this at 3:57am?
A. Yes! I still have the arrows - just need to mount them to a bamboo pole. And yes, the time was right - I sometimes suffer from insomnia.

Any party plans going on for which I can lend some advice?


Gina said...

Your so smart and kind!

Rebecca said...

May I be blessed one day to paryt with you. :)

So I have to plan a bachlorette and a bridal shower for my sis . . . ;)