Monday, August 06, 2007

Party Planning 101 ~ Theme

The sewing machine is still collecting dust as BT and I work on our bedroom remodel. Things are moving along pretty much on schedule, and I *should* have the big reveal soon!

In the interim, I thought I would share some tips on planning a party. Not that I am a pro or anything (and I know some of you are). But, I think I have had pretty good experience putting together events for 25-50 people, and haven't had any major disasters (knock on a coconut).

(Tiki Beach Luau 2005*)

BT and I hosted our first luau a couple of years ago (the inauguration of the bar). We wanted to make it an annual event, but needed some motivation. Enter my party planning twin - Evie. Together, I believe we may just put together the best (regular folks' budget) luau of all time! We have to be careful to keep the train on the track, though, and not ride it together down to crazy town. As fun as our ideas have been, funding and City ordinances may prevent us from implementing everything we have in mind. Our luau is scheduled for early next month.

We chose "Beach Blanket Bingo" from my extensive list of luau sub-themes. Party themes are very important. A theme gives direction to your decor, food, and entertainment. You can let your guests know about the theme for your party in your invitation. In our invite, for example, we requested that people come dressed in their "swankiest beach lounge wear." A little open for interpretation (I wanted to add "no banana hammocks, please" but there was not enough room on the card).

What else does a Beach Blanket Bingo party represent, exactly? We're thinking 60s beach movies, hula hoops, bright colored tableware reminiscent of beach balls, and a good helping of polka dots to represent the idea of bingo (although, we've found that the movie Beach Blanket Bingo has little or nothing to do with bingo. There is sky-diving however...wonder if we can tie that in somehow?)

More of how the theme ties into our party planning will be revealed throughout the week!

Party theme planning websites:
~ Party 411
~ Birthday Party Ideas (bad interface, but the parties described in detail by contributors are pretty amazing. Check out this Candyland themed party, for example)

* BT and I have a tendency to go a wee overboard with things like this. For the Tiki Beach luau, we poured three bags of sand in this spot (on top of trash bags). The tikis were rented. The plants were sorta rented, too. We bought them from a garden store, then returned them the next day. Terrible, we know. We won't be doing that again this year - we felt too guilty! I am very detail oriented. The message in the glass bottle is signed from Ginger.


Sarah and Jack said...

I love doing Jack's birthday party every year. I go crazy. I need to decide on this years theme and soon!

Anne said...

I can't wait to see how this party turns out. Sometimes the planning is the best part of the party.

June said...

I love planning parties like yours and I tend to go way overboard, too. But that's okay--everyone has fun as it's all intended anyway.

Rebecca said...

I love a good theme party! Plus I work better with a little direction. ;)

Oh and thanks for letting me idea-nap your dress form favors. As I will have too many girls to make them for I think I'm going to make a few as table centerpieces. Hmm . . . thanks again!