Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Party Planning 101 ~ Pulling it all together

As you get closer to your event, keep making your lists as to what still needs to be bought and what needs to be done. You should *try* to finish any craft projects or favor assembly the weekend before your bash. Your music playlist should also be assembled. The week of should be spent filling in little details (even with the best lists, last minute ideas are bound to come up), and shopping for and preparing for your meal.

(Tiki Beach Luau, 2005 - Handmade direction sign pole)

Many party planning books offer a countdown for food preparation - things that can be prepared 1-2 days before, and an hour by hour countdown to party time. Don't be shy about asking for help. Even a friend that claims she can't boil water could be enlisted the day of the event to chop veggies or assemble garnishes for your drinks.

The same advice goes for setting up for the party. Clean your house 2-3 days before the event, and leave time for a quick wipe down and tidy up session the day of. Try to set up as much of your party decor as you can the night before (being cautious that items made from paper should not be left out overnight). Let your hubby know this is his time to "shine" making sure everything electric has an outlet, and that there are no trip or fire hazards. Try to have a backup plan if you need to move indoors due to weather. Find a safe place for kitty to spend the day so you don't need to worry about her dashing out the door. Dogs, however, should be dressed up in humiliating clothes, and can serve as a source of entertainment

Look for opportunities to minimize trips the day of the event. Beseech party rental companies to let you pick up items the night before the event. Look for opportunities to combine errands. If you need to pick up a food tray at the grocery store, perhaps you can also have your pre-purchased balloons blown up in the floral department? Maybe not the best example to follow a statement about combining errands, but if you are buying your flowers from Costco, for example, instead of the grocery store (good move - allows you to get more for your money), speak with the floral person a few days before your event about reserving bouquets. You can make arrangements with her when you are in the store shopping for food, and then pick up your flowers the day of and any food you may have ordered. The floral assistant is usually sitting by the flowers (actually, at our store, her husband is usually sitting there, on the verge of falling asleep). The couple at my local Costco has been super sweet about reserving gorgeous bouquets for me, and getting some hard to find flowers. Glad I don't have to add a trip to the downtown L.A. floral district to my already impacted party planning list!

Sounds like you have a handle on this party thing - *fingers crossed* everything goes according to plan!

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eviedee said...

I love that sign!! Do you still have it?
Did you really post this at 3:57am?

woof nanny said...

lol--lookie Chuy!

Lara Starr said...

Thanks for the shout-out for my book, The Part Girl Cookbook!

Almost 10 years later, I have a new one coming out:

I hope you like it!