Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Party Planning 101 ~ Invites

Next up on the party planning agenda - who to invite, and how to invite 'em. How many people you invite may be limited by how much you are willing to spend on your party, and what type of party you envision (intimate, full on bash).

If your guest list mostly includes your close friends and/or family, you may want to add a note with the invites you send to people outside this core group. For example, This party will be mostly family, but I really wanted you to get to know my quirky relatives. Most adults can adapt to slightly awkward social situations, but it is best to let people know up front what they will be faced with if they decide to come to your party.


In the internet age, sending out invites to a party is so easy - you can send out an email, or use a service like evite. But, people still like to receive fun mail. Store bought, computer generated, or homemade invites all let your guests know that you took the time to personally invite them to your party. Calling guests should be reserved for very close family or friends. You don't want to put somebody on the spot.

Invitations should include all the pertinent info about the event (who, what, when, why, how, etc.) and any additional information (Is there anything they should bring? Are kids allowed? Will the food consist of snacks, or a full meal?) As mentioned previously, the invitation also sets the theme for your party. Your guests can gather what type of event you are hosting based on the style of the invite, wording, and, of course, if you request them to come dressed in a certain manner.

People lead busy lives. In my experience, for larger events, about 75% of the guests I invite are able to make it. If you are concerned about keeping track of how many guests are/ are not coming for planning purposes, you can include an R.S.V. P. Some people prefer to include a message like "Regrets Only," which means only call the hostess if you are sure you are not going. Evite keeps track of people that have viewed your invitation, and those that have responded they are/ are not attending. Other options to consider include providing an email address in your invitation for people to contact you "for more information", or even
setting up a temporary website.

You should send your invites out about a month before the event. Be aware if your invitation requires extra postage. Oh, and if you include embellishments on your invite, it is best to take them to the post office and have them hand canceled. Now you're ready to go shopping!

Favorite Invitation Resources:
~ Paper Source
~ Impress
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~ PaperStyle

* Our invites for this year's luau. BT designed a beach ball, reminiscent of 60s beach movie posters. There are 8 wedges of information that show up as you spin the beach ball. Envelopes from Paper Source.


Emy said...

Those invites are so cute. Makes me want to throw a party. Almost. Too lazy. :D
Your parties look amazing.

African Kelli said...

I simply love getting homemade invites to anything. Great work on those! And thanks for the resources.

Jane said...

Those invites are awesome! I'm loving this "series" you are doing. Can't wait to see more pics!

leslie said...

these invites are soooo cool, a real work of art! even though we still plan on going up to the cabin that last weekend, plans do change and maybe a luau is in order??? love reading about your plans. i am finally into the book club book, i like it but.... still have harry potter on the brain. how are you liking it (should i dare ask??)