Sunday, July 01, 2007

TOO May/June ~ The Pocket

The Tie One On theme for May/June was The Pocket. Back in September, I started this apron for the Pinafore theme*

At some point during construction, I determined it was not really a pinafore - more of a smock - and threw it in my WIP basket. I figured this was as good of theme as any to complete it. It was about 75% complete, so the expected workload was on par with my lazy summer crafting schedule.

The pocket uses a Sashiko embroidery pattern influenced by a little drawstring bag I found at the Japanese dollar store

The circles on the other pocket are supposed to represent peas.

The apron pattern is from a Japanese craft book. I used linen fabric with a raw edge for the body and homespun for the bodice

The design is a little weird, I think, with the armhole opening extending past the bodice. It would still fit if I had sewn up to the bodice, but it wouldn't be as easy to maneuver around in.

This was our makeshift clothesline for the photo shoot with Emy's fabulous linens

Definitely need a real one.

* Here's what I ended up with that month, you will recall


Sarah and Jack said...

I had to enlarge to see what you meant about the armholes, but that is indeed a little wierd. It seems like it would be a functional additional if you were large chested, but the top bit already looks pretty generous! (And I don't imagine a lot of Japanese women have Anna Nicole like breasts. LOL)

Anyway, I digress. I turned out lovely.

Jane said...

Now that is a useful apron! I rarely spill just on my lap!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Well you see,I would wear this as a top(with a Kowalski undershirt 'neath it)its fab!!!!