Saturday, July 21, 2007

Side Effect

The side effect of starting a renovation project is that things get very messy and cluttered. In our case, we had to *temporarily* move our bedroom into the living room. Yup. We are sleeping where the fam ate Thanksgiving dinner last year - in case you were wondering, Mom. This resulted in clutter stacked on top of clutter, as the bedroom clutter was stacked on top of the clutter that already resided in the dining room.

What is all this "clutter" you may be asking? My craft supplies, of course! All my nifty crap that I feel it is necessary to hoard in bags and boxes all over the house. Before we got too far into the bedroom re-do, I politely suggested to BT that now may be the time to finish my long awaited craft closet. Having a place to put the craft crap seemed to be the only way to tolerate the next couple of weeks* of having our bed essentially in the living room. He agreed, and worked out the final touches.

So, without further ado, I bring you The Craft Closet!!!

(Audio: Squeals, applause, lots of "I love yous"). Click on pic to see notes about contents.

The delay in completing the craft closet can be attributed to a few issues. I initially painted the closet pink, and wanted to use pink and brown storage containers. It was difficult to find plastic containers to fit the bill, and the cardboard containers I bought couldn't hold up to constant stacking and then pulling them out again for use. Plus, within a year, I pretty much decided that I all but hated that color combo in large scale.

I then painted the closet aqua, and bought a whole bunch of storage containers, primarily from Target's Independent Studies collection (dorm room collection from last year). BT had really nice wood cut to make a cubby system for all the containers. He proceeded to stain the wood with one of those combo products with the stain and sealer in one. Bad idea - don't use that crap. It makes it so you can't do more than one coat on your project, and that one coat looked (sorry Babe!) awful. He persisted for awhile, and tried to keep with his initial plan. Finally, we decided to just paint the shelves brown. I think they look great, so no complaints! The large brackets are some cheapy plastic ones from Ikea painted silver - great cost saving idea.

I am the happiest girl in blogland! I know it's just a closet, and it would be infinitely cooler to have a whole room to do crafts. But, on the other hand, maybe it is good for me to be a little contained. I'm kind of scared to think about how much stuff I could accumulate if I had a whole room to fill.**

Finally (long post - can you tell I'm excited?), on the doors

A felt idea board and a spice rack filled with little fun bits.

and a memo board filled with cards from some very important people

(Emy ~ Do you see your buttons?)

Now on to the real renovation project!

* I might be concerned based on the time frame of this relatively small project that the bedroom will take longer than 2 weeks. But, it turns out sleeping in your dining room is really good motivation to get things done quickly. Keep that in mind.

** Not everything fits in this closet, sadly. Above this closet is my Xyron, baby hope chest, and ribbon. Facing this closet is our linen closet which contains storage containers with glue, embroidery supplies, stamps, eyelet setters and punches, trims, children's fabric, and more ribbon and buttons. My craft books are in the living room bookcase. More embroidery supplies, yarn, and knitting supplies are next to the couch. Wrapping paper rolls are under the bed. I have WIPs in a large storage box and in misc. bags, and a giant bag of fabric scraps. Not sure where to store any of that stuff when all is said and done. Never mind - I guess I do need a room!


Jane said...

Ooooh Ahhhh! Amazing. Green with envy over here!

Emy said...

I love the way it looks! It's funny how so many of us have the same things on our minds. I've been obsessing over how to better organize my craft stuff as well. However, I have no plans as of yet. I want it to be pretty too. Martha would be proud!

One good thing about sleeping in your dining room - great excuse to eat in bed. :)

Heidi said...

I have organizational envy. It's gorgeous!

ratichoo said...

So organized! I have to do something with my mess...

Rebecca said...

You are going to thrive even more having an organized space (I say this yet my own craft space is a zoo at the moment!)

And I just read your baby hope chect post. :) I have one, too. (a chest, not a post that is)

And I see my tag on the board! Yippee! xoxoxo

Mary Ann said...

Oh, how fun! I love a hearty dose of organization!

African Kelli said...

Wow. I am truly impressed! Good for you. :)

jungle dream pagoda said...

That closet is delish!!! Part of my scarcity in bloggyland has been MANY organization/painting projects in the house. Its like the house throws up onitself(forgive the metaphor).