Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More Bills, Please

Remember when you used to say that the postman never delivers anything good - only bills? Of course, this was pre-blogging, and your current state of receiving cool mail from friends around the world weekly.

But - it turns out even those pesky bills hold a secret treasure

Lovely printed papers in a variety of patterns and subdued hues that could be refashioned into new, wonderful things, like these envelopes purchased from Remake.

Suddenly, I look forward to receiving the phone bill and magazine subscriptions

* A tiny sidenote you can most certainly ignore. I have a few craft supply items for sale on Etsy. Nothing big deal, and probably not your style, anyway. But, a few dollars made here goes a long way towards buying cool things from Etsy crafters like Remake!


Kj said...

New inspiration only stops when we stop. Great ideas! Bills never looked better!

I took the day off today and began winding my way through blogs,, and random links. I blogged 2 of your photos on my own blog and have so enjoyed your contributions! Thnx for a whimsy-filled day!

Jenn Maruska said...

Those envelopes are great! Thanks for the link : )

elizabeth said...

those are purty!!!

happy fouth girl!

leslie said...

you need to tell me more about this!! looks so cool and amazing!