Thursday, July 12, 2007

In the Tiki Room

It's hard enough to convince BT when I (me, myself, yo, Jen) receive awesome tiki goodies from my blog pals that they were sent as a gift for me. But, that task proved even more difficult when the tiki goodies arrived during his birthday *month*, and were of this variety

These totally (fabulously, absolutely, completely, utterly) incredible tiki masks were sent by Elizabeth. She saw them, and thought of us me. She haggled to get a good price, but man - I don't feel worthy of such a generous gift! BT, of course, says he feels worthy, but I know deep down he is pretty amazed at Elizabeth's generosity. Thanks so very much, girl!

She sent some extra goodies that were most certainly intended for yours truly.
Fun tropical goodies (+ candy!)

and some craft supplies (+ homemade card!)

The baggie included quilt pieces she had picked up at a church rummage sale. She, like me, wonders at the person that put so much work into cutting out these shapes, yet never finished her project. I'm glad I don't have any unfinished projects that could someday end up at a church rummage sale (read with heavy sarcasm).

Wondered if any of you more familiar with quilting have any ideas about what pattern these shapes were cut for?

The "lemon drop" shape is especially intriguing, as it has the two slits on one of the pointy ends. Curious...

Elizabeth says she does not expect anything in return for this wonderful package, except one thing - to see the masks in use in our tiki room. Well, darlin', I tried really hard to get BT to get a move on hanging up some of our tiki artwork, including the masks. It's been difficult to convince the mister that if he likes our artwork on the floor how much better he will like it hung up!.
It is the "birthday month" after all, and work is optional. Anyway, I did manage to congregate our tiki mugs for a little photo shoot

Maybe you see a mug you sent? Mahalo nui loa, my dear friends!

More pictures of the tiki room here.


leslie said...

we have collection about 1/8th that size up at the cabin. will have to take a picture. sending you lots of tiki love today jen! we are headed up to the cabin, we need to pick a date for you to join us soon!

African Kelli said...

NO WAY! How awesome is that collection? What a great gift. I am glad you were spoiled!

Sarah and Jack said...

So, are all of the pieces cut into one of those 3 shapes?

Do they seem to fit together in anyway?

Honestly, that lemon one in particular does not seem like it is cut precisely enough for quilting, but maybe I am crazy.

Dana said...

What a great surprise :))))
Love the pics of your collection!

Thanks for sharing!


Karen in Wichita said...

Naw, I'd bet those aren't cut for quilting, they're leftovers from *other* projects that are set aside for quilting.

The "slits" are probably overcut from a straight cut line.

I end up with things like that when I cut two armscyes next to each other, but usually they aren't symmetrical, and the end of the shoulder seam doesn't generally come out to the line of the side seam. The darker blue piece does look like an armscye offcut, though.

elizabeth said...

oh i am *so* relieved that they arrived in one piece. i sweated that big time! the tiki mug shelf is a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

ya'll have a fab collection going.

as far as the quilt scraps, lemme tell ya, if someone didn't cut those out to look exactly like that and they are remnants from cutting out other pieces, then their cutting job was phenom b/c i have a decent size box FILLED with those same shapes in various different colors (same color scheme). and they are exactly the same.

maybe she wasn't going to make a quilt, but another project.

guess we'll never know jen :)

big hugs and hope bj had a fab-boo birthday!


jungle dream pagoda said...

I love it !!! I see the mugs I sent! That collection is awesome!