Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm a Little Diva!

When Deb had a giveaway on her blog, it was really really tempting to enter *anonymously* as several different people to increase my odds of winning. Have you seen the fabulous stuff she has, and the gifts she puts together? For those of you who have complemented me on my gift presentation, I am a complete hack compared to this woman. Seriously.

To be entered in the drawing, you had to leave an explanation of a nickname you have had. I ended up explaining the origin of one of my former nicknames, Earth Muffin*. More on that in a sec. For now, let's all drool over the wonderful things Deb sent as part of her Little Diva pack. There was no mistaking that this package was from Diva Deb

The contents were equally charming and colorful

It was difficult to bring myself to untie all the cute ribbons in order to see all the wonderful goodies she included. I would have been content just leaving everything wrapped up and admiring it from time to time. {sigh} - this woman is so gifted in the art of gift-giving.

As a special bonus just for me, Deb included some corn picks from Tiki Bob's BBQ

As in you were at a BBQ with the actual Tiki Bob, Deb? Nibbling on corn shoulder to shoulder with a tiki legend? Wow - you were already at the top of my coolness scale, but you just went up a few more notches!!!

Thank you again for all the wonderful gifts so beautifully presented! I have so much to learn...

*The nickname Earth Muffin was given to me by my high school boyfriend. It had something to do with me being an environmentalist (amongst his family of gun toting conservatives), and liking to bake. I think. Whenever I started going off about some hippie thought I had in my head, my boyfriend and his brothers would start singing a made up song to the tune of Earth Angel. It was pretty effective at diffusing my argument. I tried to get other people to call me Earth Muffin after we broke up, but it never really stuck. Besides, it wasn't the same without the singing.


Emy said...

Personally, I think Craft Muffin would work better. Ooh or Craft Cupcake.
The tiki gods have been kind to you lately. :D

Dana said...

What a nice prize :) You are very lucky!!

Thanks for sharing Earth Muffin ;)


elizabeth said...

what awesome goodies!
and how come i've never seen her blog before???? def. gonna add to bloglines!

DivaDeb said...

Hahahahahaaaa...ROFL here, Jen.
Um, NO, sorry to ratchet down my coolness factor, but I'm not a habitue of TikiBob's nightclub downtown! (Been there ONCE, tho!)

My husband's name is Bob, and he's the BBQ king around here. Those corn picks are left over from a luau we I said 'TikiBob's BBQ'. Sorry to confuse you! (I WISH I was up to going out drinkin' and dancin' like that!)

I'm blushing at your praise...I am so glad you enjoyed opening your prize package! I had fun putting it together for you!

African Kelli said...

Hee! This cracks me up. Earth Muffin. I love that nickname. And the prize, of course, is fabulous! Good for you.

Mary Ann said...

So, if I read correctly, you actually WANTED to be called Earth Muffin. Kind of sounds a little kinky, like a tree-hugging naked-baking movie stage name.