Friday, July 27, 2007


In contemplating over the last several days if Blue Yonder's bandana pants could possibly be made in my size, I happened upon the next best thing - a bandana dress!

(from Ross)

A little short for a dress for ol' Thunder Thighs here, so I'll be wearing my bandana dress over pants.

I love me some bandanas, especially around this time of year. They remind me of camping (greasy hair disguise), treks through the woods (tick repellent), and making s'mores (seat cover). Like the security envelopes, it's cool to see how many patterns there are inherent to this often overlooked accessory

I like wearing bandanas as a kerchief best


but they are often too big for my tiny head, and I am forced to adjust them more often than I would like (i.e. makes greasy hair even greasier). I shared this Heather Bailey headband some time ago

that I made from a bandana. It allows me to wear one of my favorite accessories in a low maintenance fashion. Low maintenance - what summer is all about.

* Hiking in Sequoia - no dogs allowed on the path. But he's not on the path. Mr. Ranger - he's in a backpack on my back. Lots of attention from other hikers, until the rocking motion put him to sleep and he slipped further into the bag. Wish there wasn't such a negative stigma attached to carrying dogs in bags - Chuy would definitely enjoy himself!


Mary Ann said...

Will you zip your snail mail addy to me? ( I've got a little something to send your way!

Sarah and Jack said...

I can't see your pictures. :-(

Anonymous said...

can we get some kind of a pattern? this is a fabulous dress and I WANT IT!