Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thanks, Martha!

Once again the Goddess of Craft has provided much needed inspiration when I needed it most. Pardon the sacrilegious association, but reading this month's Living magazine was on par with finding a scripture passage that you felt was written just for you.

I had planned to do a beach/ocean themed display for June, but was having a hard time coming up with all the components (despite this inspiring Flickr montage). I painted the branches orange early in the month (to replicate coral - guess that's the end of the branches in their natural state)

and hung the capiz shell mobile, and that was about it.

Later in the month, I went crazy with the glue gun and made this shell-laden wreath

Sidenote ~ I am always surprised when crafters say that they do not own a glue gun. If you don't have one, GET ONE! I promise you will love it, and find a million uses for it. Then, one day when you get the crazy idea too use dozens of shells to cover a wreath, you will be good to go! Sears has a great glue gun for $10 with a removable cord.
You can even get glue guns at the dollar store (and, it turns out, dozens of shells in little baskets). A glue gun will quickly become one your favorite tools.

Next, I found some shell-shaped candle holders at the thrift store, put down a mirror, some sand and some stacked rocks

But something was missing...

Martha's mag had a beach-themed table that included (gasp) painted branches, and these lovely paper punched candle holders. I felt like the clouds of indecision had lifted! I had been so close to discovering the theme on my own, but I needed Martha to lead me the final distance. Ok - I'm getting too corny. But really, I wouldn't have come up with the idea for the candleholders in a million years, and I can't imagine anything more perfect to complete my June display. And I have exactly 10 days left to enjoy it...a little late on this one!


Sarah and Jack said...

Come on now. Are you sure you aren't living next door? I just finished my own shell wreath. LOL

The candle holders are lovely.

Rebecca said...

I just read that issue yesterday and loved those candle holders! The picture of them light up at sunset is just gorgeous! I think I'll make some, too. :)

Your display is lovely! I may have to make a shell wreath also!

Sonja said...

I do love my glue gun, though it loves me back a little too fiercely sometimes (as evidenced by burned fingertips).
The colors in your display are lovely - very crisp and fresh!

kate1976 said...

It all looks fab! I love that magazine - I have just subscribed (very excited to be able to since I am in the UK) and awaiting my first issue. The one I bought when we were in the States will have to do until then.

woof nanny said...

Very pretty Jen! I like tha capiz shells too.

I own a $50 glue gun that I never use. I find the glue just never works like Thick Designer Craft glue or any of a number of other bottled glues. And for mosaic I use stuff from Home Depot that I put on with a chaulking gun. I love making shell collages though, just not with a glue gun.

woof nanny said...

oops, I meant caulking. Grrr on no edit buttons

jungle dream pagoda said...

The shell wreath is wonderful! Oh,yes ,I agree. The glue gun can become your bestus friend,esoecially if you have school-age project assigned kids!