Friday, June 22, 2007


When you don't have something of your own to show, steal something from somebody else, right?

This was a project for BT's college ceramics class way back when. All of his art assignments were always so complicated. I don't remember the specifics of this one, but I know that the end product he was supposed to turn in was photos of the vessel - not the vessel itself.

The shots are taken in the L.A. River channel. BT laid on his stomach and pointed the camera up towards the rim of the channel. I was the lookout for the cops and/or bums. None of these photos have been altered. The cloudless sky and the seemingly endless horizon were inherent to the setting.

Nobody in his class could figure out where he took the shots. I have been trying to think of other objects that would be cool to shoot with this background. And then wait for another perfect cloudless day.


Mary Ann said...

That is so absolutely cool.

Rebecca said...

Very cool! But I have to say when I first saw the photos before I read the text I thought you were blogging about I Dream of Jeanie. :)