Saturday, June 30, 2007

Now this is how you pack a box

All this talk about shipping and packing a shipping container efficiently, look at all the wonderful things that Barb was able to fit in a USPS flat shipping box - oh what joy to receive a surprise package like this!

First up, we have books and patterns for making all sorts of fun things

Some of these patterns we have talked about, and I'm kind of speechless that I'm now the recipient. I want to try out everything - especially Barb's favorite skirt pattern, and the funky loom weaving patterns. Barb and I have a borderline obsession with cones, so I was especially touched to see these two patterns included.

Next, we have some miscellaneous articles, patterns, and general "good stuff" that Barb has scoured from a variety of sources

So much to learn about! I loved reading the article about her quilt teacher's memory quilt that was featured in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. There are some great holiday crafts (which we also love to share with each other), and just a wealth of information I will need to take time to sit down with and enjoy.

Also included were some food related magazines, and kitchen goodies

Barb - I actually had the Paper Crafts Gourmet mag already, but it is so cool to read through this issue with your notes, and see which projects reminded you of me! Love the Taste of Home kids' issue, and the linen tea towel is phenomenal.

For the tiki girl in me, she included some tropical goodies

Everything is sitting on top of a piece of barkcloth she sent. Would you believe this is my first piece of barkcloth? So many times I've looked on Ebay, but either I lost the auction I was bidding on, or the piece I wanted was out of my price range from the start. The recipes and cookbook look really good, and the napkin rings will certainly come in handy. Can't wait to embroider Tropical Babies on everything that will stand still! Barb also included some address labels for me and BT with tropical images - such a thoughtful gift!

I also received (keep in mind this was all in one relatively small box!) some miscellaneous craft supplies and fun items

Oh darn - I didn't realize that the one package had curled up. It is a set of calico heat transfers. Yes - calico! Totally rad. Love the tomato appliques, and the pink and red chenille stems are to die for. The box with the *offensive to some* name contains matches.

Finally, some mousie goodness

I need a Mouse Mitt pronto, and dig the cute toy patterns. The German card made me laugh, and it will have a place of prominence once my craft closet is completed (and it's close!)

I've gushed before about what a great friend Barb is to me. I appreciate our conversations first and foremost. But, I have to admit, it is also nice to receive surprise packages from somebody that understands your taste so well. Thank you again so much for everything!!


woof nanny said...

Yay! Sorry I didn't wrap like you--the stuff was so late already! Can you believe the loop weaving book?! Eek! That was an ebay find, as was the Paper Crafts (so bummed you already had it), and the Betsey pattern, and the German mouse. Some stuff thrifted. I love both of those matchbooks! Anyway, enjoy :)

Jane said...

I'd like to see how many clowns Barb can fit in a VW! What amazing loot!

elizabeth said...

oh what a fab parcel.

i've been looking for that paper crafts gourmet forever!!!! is it as fab as the cover????

i love how barb tore out articles. that is a great idea :)

Rebecca said...

What a great package!!I love the mouse mitt pattern!