Saturday, June 02, 2007

Greetings from Sao Paulo!

My travel-themed swap package arrived from my Flickr pal Fabi from Brazil! Fabi's style is so super cute - the type of cute that makes you feel all giddy in your stomach. I love everything sooo much!

There was some Brazilian candy and guest soaps in cute little bags

Here's the candy - I've only tried one piece so far, and it was yum! It's so interesting how candy varieties differ among cultures.

Fabi also included some local coffee, and an appliqued placemat

This is what I like to refer to as "the little basket of cute"

isn't it, though?

There were also some craft supplies, including the fabric everything is sitting on

Some of Fabi's favorite catalogs

This cute shopping tote adorned with the sweetest little face you've ever seen

and...the piece de resistance...this cute as can be pillow depicting the Sao Paulo skyline

I'm sure I wouldn't have been so fortunate to find such a lovely souvenir if I had traveled to Brazil myself!

I found myself in one those awkward conversations last night - trying to explain blogs, swaps, and online friends. When I am in these situations, I feel like I might as well be telling people I live in my parents' basement and play D&D online 24/7. Well, all I can say is that it works for me, and has allowed me to meet people all over the world who I know right from the start I have a lot in common with. And, I get a lot of fun mail, too!


telfair said...

Great swap package.

It is kind of funny how talking about blogging to non-bloggers makes me feel a bit awkward, too. You described it exactly with the D&D / mom's basement feeling!

Oh well -- we're a misunderstood lot, but happy that way.

Jenn Maruska said...

I know what you mean about explaining. I recently blogged about a party I had and titled the post "I Have Real Life Friends!" (Haha)

Wow - you got a lovely swap package. Everything looks so sweet - you're so lucky!

: )

DivaDeb said...

I love that sweet little face on the bag! With it's red hair (isn't that what the oval behind it is???) it looks like my 'Little Debby' logo character on my blog! Now I want to go make one out of felt.....

Renee said...

That is so funny when I talk about swaps and blogs and the people I meet on them, I usually get a weird look and I feel the same way!

Oh well the people you are able to meet this way so far have all been very incrediable and just the sweetest people I know!

MaryAnn said...

Are you saying you don't play D&D in the basement? Dude, I thought we all did.

Rebecca said...

What a cute package! Her style is adorable.

I know that conversation you are talking about ha ha . . . I actually was roomates with a girl I met online through one of those Yahoo Groups. :)

woof nanny said...

How freakin' cute is that pillow?! I'm so glad you got some nice things in return, Jen.