Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Favorite Places ~ Olvera Street

Olvera Street is one of our favorite places to spend an afternoon. To me, it is what Mexico "should be like." Which isn't really fair. I've been to a handful of cities in Mexico - all of them located in Baja California. They all have their unique charm (all of them, that is, if you consider tequila shots administered by guys blowing whistles to the tune of Le Freak "charming." Tijuana - ugh.)

Anyway, Olvera Street represents my romanticized version of Mexico - darling shops and stands full of things you actually want to buy, folklorico dancers, restaurants full of carved wood furniture that serve homemade tortillas, the smell of churros wafting through the un lugar muy especial.

They deserve posts of their own, but a visit to Olvera Street could also include sightseeing at Union Station, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, and French-dipped sandwiches at Philippes (if you didn't already fill up on taquitos!)


Donna said...

I was visiting LA for the first time two summers ago. I had planned to take the bus to the Chinatown and then walk to Little Tokyo, on my way I stumbled across Olvera Street. What a wonderful surprise! I really enjoyed looking through all the little shops and stalls.

gillian said...

Okay, I have lived in the LA area my whole life (on and off) and have NEVER been here! How wrong is that??

jungle dream pagoda said...

Oh my!Those shoes look fantastic!!!