Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Even Flatter

Would you believe a package worth $8 and weighing less than 2 pounds now costs $32 to ship to the Philippines? Ouch...With no option to ship by boat, and with postal rate increases all around, shipping abroad has become a major expense. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

The only alternative, it seems, to keep sending care packages to My Missionary without suffering financial hardship is to ship using flat rate envelopes. That's right - envelopes. And these are not the expandable, bubble-wrap type envelopes that you can stuff full. Nope. The post office uses the flat paper kind, like you would use to send a document, for its flat rate international "priority" service for a cost of $11. Still not a smokin' deal, but I can live with it.

I liked this concept a lot*, and made an amateur version with some lovingly crafted fortunes

My cousin-in-law and his companion can both get their daily dose of good news

And everything folded flat (the take out box was disassembled) to fit in the stupid envelope

I even called the post office to make sure - as long as the flap closes the way it is supposed to, you can put what you can fit in these envelopes. The weight limit is 4 pounds. It will be a personal challenge for me to see what I can fit inside for future care packages!

* Also in the delightful Inspireco. shop - Have you seen Amy's newest wares from France? Mon dieu. It was really difficult to exercise any type of control!


D said...

The post office also has flat rate boxes as well. I know that before the rates went up, you could get a flat rate box for about $8.50. You can fit A LOT of things into that box as well.

Jennifer said...

Can you believe that same flat rate box is $37 to ship internationally? Yikes!

Donna said...

I used to use those envelopes to ship books when I had a used book store. Some post offices claim you can only use a small amount of tape to hold the flap closed (and I've heard of others that say no tape at all). I used to wrap the book in paper, address that, and then put that package into the envelope just as extra insurance in case the envelope popped open. I never had that happen, but it made me feel the package was a little more secure.

D said...

$37!!! Oh my goodness! Wow. That is expensive.

Shanna said...

sheesh! that's cheap! i've sent packages that weigh less than 4 pounds to France and to Australia and I pay more than that! Heck, I once sent a 7 pound box to Australia and it cost me $75!

jungle dream pagoda said...

You go girl! keep pushing the envelope!

Felicia said...

Great job cramming all those goodies in! :)

Dee Light said...

37$, unbelievalbe!!! But you came up with a great idea for sending things in an envelope!!! Too Cute!!