Thursday, June 14, 2007

Birdie Swap ~ Sent

Pshew! Where does the time go? Correction. Where does the fun time go? It's amazing to me that it is already Thursday in terms of how little I achieved this week craft-wise. But, at the same time, I can't believe it is only Thursday, and I still have one more day of work. Funny how that happens.

Since there's not much new hopping off the craft table, I'll show you what I sent Rebecca as part of our birdie swap last week. First, a windchime

found at the Japanese dollar store, complete with the paper tag. All I had to do to make it fit with the swap was add a stamped image! It's funny - I think our true colors showed in this swap. Rebecca's package included thrifted and vintage items, per her blog identity (Thrifty Goodness). My package included dollar store goodies which, though not part of my blog name, is certainly my m.o.

Another dollar store find - this little box

which I filled with Martha Stewart seed packets. The birdie whistle is from this Etsy purchase. The sentiment is from this crafty gal.

And one more dollar store component

I took a tacky cardboard recipe box and embellished it with cute scrapbook paper and bird motifs. Here's the top

and dividers

I also included a few hand-written recipes and blank cards (the set from Target).

Moving on to Target (the other store that I rely on for putting together swap packages), I took a pack of envelopes from the stationery section and stamped em up

Now, I occasionally go to thrift stores, and I occasionally score some cool things (we all occasionally step outside our comfort zone) like this fan, and this hankie with crocheted trim.

(I embroidered the little birdie on the hankie using this pattern.)

The necklace may look familiar to some of you. I purchased a "real" one, and I love it. It is a small charm threaded on a piece of silken thread with a regular necklace clasp. The idea is that you make a wish, and when the necklace falls off, your wish comes true! Purchased version: $40. Crafted version: Free! (Note: Rebecca did not receive the picture of my grandparents.)

Finally - my truly handmade and not just embellished item - an apron

Made with the oh-so-popular Alexander Henry Bird Seed fabric. The pattern is from my *secret* Japanese apron book.

I know I still owe my winners Blogiversary gifts (so sorry guys!I haven't forgotten about you!), and I found something today (thrifting!) to send out that I think will knock one gal's socks off. So don't give up on your mailbox yet!


Mary Ann said...

What a "tweet" package!

leslie said...

thrifting???? where did ya go? hint hint! i saw a new place off pine and anaheim, super shady but might be cool! will check it out asap and report back promptly.

telfair said...

That's an awesome package. I love the hankie -- it looks like it's in great condition.

Rachel said...

how cute!

Sarah and Jack said...

I love, love, love your apron. Did I mention I love it? LOL

Rebecca said...

I was hoping you would post pictures! Mine were terrible and certainly didn't do your wonderful swap goodies justice. :) You know I love everything, have I said that before? LOL

And you know, that is a fantastic picture of your grandparents!

woof nanny said...

I'm so bummed you didn't get that whistle at the dollar store--I was so hoping you could grab one for me. Too freaking cute. If I lived by you I'd want to go every week to that Melrose Trading Post and the swap meet at the Rose Bowl. Incredible.
What a fun swap this turned out to be. Everything (both sides) was cute.

deb said...

That's all so sweet! I especially love the little tag (and everything else of course!)