Sunday, May 06, 2007

Week in Review ~ April 29 - May 5

Thinking about money a lot lately. All of my craft projects this week cost less than $10! so it's working. I couldn't pass up a beautiful bag of trims at the thrift store.

Outside the home ~ The garden is not doing super year - except for the Mediterranean plants,

1. Farmer's Market bounty ~ A pound of cherries
2. Awesome Spring swap package - received!
3. May Day cone
4. Apron storage solution
5. The best bag of trims I have ever found!
6. TOO Rickrack Apron
7. Spring swap package ~ Sent
8. Refashionista
9. Rosemary and Thyme (Parsley and Sage didn't make it...)

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leslie said...

love the photos, really fun!!!

elizabeth said...

awesome photos! so spring like and beautiful.

i'm jealous that you have fresh rosemary...wanna send some down here?

lemme ask, was it hard to grow? as soon as i get in the new house (i feel like i have been saying those words forever now...and you must stop by the blog to check out some pics of it) i want to grow it, but due to having two black thumbs, i don't know how successful i will be :(

Randi said...

What a lovely blog this is! I will be visiting again soon.

African Kelli said...

wowza. I could take a lesson from you in frugality. Love it!