Monday, May 28, 2007

Twirly skirt for a *big* girl

Ever since the Twirly Skirt tutorial was posted by Erin of House on Hill Road, I had plans to make one for myself. I had yards and yards of a thrifted floral print that I felt would be just perfect, and found a contrasting print at JoAnn's. So, I finally get ready to make the skirt, and actually looked at the tutorial (if you think I should have done this first, you don't understand how I operate).

Uh - I didn't realize the skirt was designed for kids!!

Ok. No biggee, Jen. Let's use some of our latent math skills to figure out the proportions for somebody a little taller and wider than a 5 year old. I figured out the basic measurement for my height based on a proportion with the measurements given through the tutorial, and then added a few inches for good measure, as I am slightly rounder than the "average" woman 65 inches in height.

Here is the result

I love it soooo much!! It is so free flowing and comfortable - the perfect skirt for summer. As it is such a lovely day, let's take our new skirt outside, shall we?

My photographer is not home yet, so I snapped the best pics I could wearing the skirt

My fancy toes

Even grown-up girls like to twirl!

Now those of you out there with no little girls to make this skirt for no longer have an excuse - make one for yourself!!


Jenn Maruska said...

It's beautiful on you!!! Nice work with the math, too : )

Hope you had a great weekend!

Heidi said...

Gorgeous fabric and skirt. And cute toenails too!

Stephanie Lynn said...

Oh, the skirt is great! I want to make one for myself.

elizabeth said...

oh i love that skirt!
and i'm diggin's those shoes.

elizabeth said...

okay, i just checked out that tutorial and about step 17 i'm why can't sewing come easy to me??????

i wanna make bella some of these skirts, but i'm afraid they'll turn out like the shirt that denise made theo on the cosby show.

Amy said...

Oh, that skirt rocks! I don't suppose you would want to post more specific measurements/pattern alterations for those of us not possessing any latent math skills whatsoever?

michelle b. said...

Oh yeah, love the skirt and the fabric pattern. I have just started wearing skirts instead of shorts. Would you mind sharing your "big girl" pattern measurements for those of us who are not great at math or sewing? Unfortunately, my "little girls" are not into skirts.

MaryAnn said...

Sigh, I do so enjoy reading your blog! You're all inspirational and stuff!

samantha said...

well done with the maths - turned out superb - and lovely toes!

Jennifer said...

I used a fabric length of 55 inches X 2 for the main panel (so the "tube" you sew would be 110 inches less seam allowance. I used a fabric width of 23 inches. The waistband and hem would be the same length as the main fabric pieces (two panels, 55 inches each), and the same width as the pattern directions (2.5", 3.5", respectively). I wanted a really long tie, so I used a strip about 110" in length.

adrienne... said...

Thank you for the measurements! I am going to make this soon for a vacation... For some reason I always do better with tutorials than actual "patterns" but I was stuck trying to figure out the conversion to adult size. Thanks again!