Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks, gals for all the blogiversary love! I really appreciate it! Sorry if the directions were confusing to anyone. I didn't really understand them myself, reading back...I was just trying to get folks old and new to give it a go, but I also wanted to give you the opportunity to stake a claim for which item you wanted, if you had a preference.

So I wound up giving everyone two chances to win - in the same pool, if you expressed a preference, or one in each if you didn't. My Mom, who chimed in to lay claim to her Little Princess, was not entered in the contest - though she in fact deserves a million handmade aprons and purses. Do you know how easy it is to convince a toddler to wear lumpy bumpy foam curlers overnight if the result is all the grandparent-y types the little girl encounters in public asking her if she knows where The Good Ship Lollipop is? Pretty darn easy.

But I digress...we're looking for winners. And they are...

The purse ~ Dana
The apron ~ Spazzgirl

Send me your addresses, ladies! And congratulations!!

Thank you all again for the kind words and support. I really enjoy this community, and the opportunity to share a piece of my life with people who have similar interests. Crafting and blogging constitute my natural form of Prozac :)

* Random photo taken aboard some ship - not of the candy variety. We never ask anyone to take our picture anymore. This could be the reason why.


avid crafter said...

I have a few of those random photos sitting around at my place somewhere too!

SpAzzGiRL said...

ME??? Can't be, I never win anything. Wow.

elizabeth said...

yay simone!!!!