Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Purse Project ~ Tea Towel Purse

I love that both a "Mom" and a "Mama" commented on the last post! But - the watercolor tin goes to...Catrina! Please send me your addy, lady!

I completed my bag for The Purse Project a whole two whole weeks early - this may be a personal record for me! Are you proud of me, Barb? Barb, of course, as you know is the hostess for The Purse Project. BTW, Barb also has an article in the magazine Cloth Paper Scissors this month (see information about her article here). This is one crafty gal we've got in our midst!

First theme for The Purse Project - a bag made from a tea towel. So here is the tea towel

and here is the resulting purse



(inside - love the smiling sunflowers!)

The bottom is, as you probably can tell, a placemat. Placemat purses are probably pretty passe by now, but really - what else provides this sturdy of a base for a purse? This thing is guaranteed not to flop over on the floor in the middle of a restaurant, spilling its contents all over the place.

But -- I was worried that the design would be a little too simplistic for the challenge. I heard there are some pretty awesome submissions so far. So, I kicked it up a notch by adding some embroidered postcards

Look familiar to any of you? Yup - they are from the current issue of Adorn magazine. They were just too perfect to pass up! Particularly as the purse was also* made to go with a swap package for a travel themed swap. I will share the rest of the swap package contents once the recipient receives it. I can guarantee that you will be seeing more Adorn inspired projects!

* Look at those budgeting skills at work - one project serving two purposes!


woof nanny said...

Oh yay, commenting works now (not sure why I couldn't comment earlier). Love love love that sunny lining! And just everything about this is so fun. Those postcards are to die for. This is great Jen--looks like you've conquered your bag troubles!
Thanks so much for participating, and for the nice comments.

woof nanny said...

I forgot to mention how much I like the way you attached the handles. And I'll have to look for that book that has all these new styles for using placemats for make purses. See, you're on the cusp of new trends without even realizing you have the perfect fashion sense!

Emy said...

that's really cute! I wish I was as productive lately!

Sarah and Jack said...

Those little postcards look like a lot of work! But they really add a nice finishing touch.

Rebecca said...

I love this! We were doing the travel swap right??? ;) Just kidding . . . it's such a great bag! So kitcshy. I hope my swap homemade stuff for you measures up! *gulp*


Stephanie said...

Nice job. The purse looks fabulous but I really want to commend your thrifty craftyness. YOU GO GIRL!

Anonymous said...

awesome! thanks for sharing

susan said...

i am so loving the bag! i was going to do the tea towel bag, i even went to the antique mall and bought a bunch of old towels. but i couldnt bring myself to cut any of them up! your swap partner will be happy im sure!

leslie said...

very cute purse!

Molly said...

I love this! Great work.