Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Picnic for Emy

Since Emy has received her portion of our swap, thought I would share a few pics here. This was a the most fun swap package to put together! As mentioned, our theme was Spring. I had been ogling the plaid tin picnic basket at Cost Plus since it was put on the shelves. I wanted the picnic basket, but technically I already have a picnic basket (or backpack, as it were), and I didn't really have any place to store a new one.

The swap allowed me to *justify* buying it for a person more worthy than myself. My good deed was rewarded, as on the day I bought it Cost Plus was having a scratch off coupon day. I received the highest value, $15 off, so the basket was freeeee!

Then it was time to fill the basket with goodies

I bought a few food items mainly for their cute, Spring-y packaging. But the lemonade mix in a lemon - come on. It was just too perfect.

I wrote out a few recipes to fill in the rest of the food for a picnic

and included some fun and games for Emy and her son to enjoy

Then it was on to the homemade stuff. I added some embroidered designs to a set of napkins

(from Clover embroidery pattern - see stitch detail here)

Made a cutlery roll filled with silverware

(lined with dishtowel so dirty silverware can be put inside to take home, then throw the roll in the wash for easy clean-up!)

and, influenced by another person that made a cutlery roll lately, I lifted Shanna's idea to add rickrack to a Heather Bailey headband

love this mod!

and finally, my favorite part - a little mini pastel kit

contained in a Michael's gift card tin

The set includes the pastels, tortillions, sanding paper, a kneaded eraser, and little slips of paper to sketch mini masterpieces on. Now I want to make little on-the-go art tins for all different art mediums!!

Emy is a really great blog buddy, and I'm glad we got to do this swap with each other. I think it's funny that we both made headbands for each other, and gave each other recipe cards for a picnic. I think it shows how much we have in common. Thank you again for your package, and I will try not to be too jealous thinking that having a picnic in Italy is just, like, part of your everyday life - not something dreams are made of, as is the case for me.... : )


eviedee said...

Every last item is totally darling! I especially love your portable art kit idea.

Emy said...

Thanks again! You rock!

I can't wait to spell dirty words with the pretzel letters. :D

And if it makes you feel better, most of my "everyday life" and picnics aren't very different than anyone else's. Most of the week is spent in the neighborhood, very American-like.

tamy said...

what a lovely and fun idea...gorgeous fabric and goodies

Melissa said...

Hands down, one of the coolest packages I've ever seen! Love the mini art kit! I was thinking those tins would be nice for "emergency kits" (mini first aid, etc.) - but I could make some for SIL to keep in her bag for restaurant emergencies ("I'm bored!"). Your blog is always an inspiration!!

Beth said...

This is AWESOME!

Rebecca said...

As always, you are such a great "puter together - er" does that make sense? This is the best basket!

And I so want to make a cutlery roll . . . I'm new to sewing so any pointers are appreciated!

Tiff said...

Lovely basket of goodies and I love that headband!!

elizabeth said...

you put together the most AMAZING packages evaaaahhhh!

i'm so jealous of all those goodies :)

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love your cutlery roll, I posted it on my blog today :)