Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My First Bento

I have been scrolling through the bento box Flickr group obsessively. Ack - the cuteness! Who wouldn't enjoy eating lunch from home (versus their regular pre-budget routine of visiting a drive-thru) if lunch looked like this!

I have bought several bento-type boxes in the past - real ones, from the Japanese dollar store, and some American equivalents

None of them really worked for me for various reasons. The Japanese boxes didn't have any way to keep the lids in place (now I know there is a special strap for that - but those boxes are long gone). The one with the aqua lid is for salad. Its size is kind of overwhelming to me - that's a lotta salad. The pink one is from a regular dollar store. I think it is a little big as well, and it doesn't have a really great seal, either.

So, looking through the bento group, I noticed some people used a "sandwich keeper" that they bought at Target. This, of course, necessitated an extra trip to Target for the week to acquisition said sandwich keeper. Without further ado...(drum roll please) is my first ever bento

~ Red curry chicken with Chinese eggplant (oh shoot - I just noticed some splatter - how amateur!)
~ Jasmine rice adorned with Serrano chilis
~ Sugar snap peas
~ Lemongrass and chili instant rice noodle soup
~ Brown rice sesame crackers
~ Cheddar cheese
~ White "doughnut" peach topped with strawberry and white chocolate. The "fresh" strawberries looked just horrible - bad year for them. This is a frozen white chocolate dipped strawberry from Trader Joe's. I kid you not - I cut it into slices, and the heart was just there. The bento gods were smiling on me (except for the splatter - oh man. I'm going to lose sleep over this. Am I going to become somebody that can't eat something unless it is aesthetically pleasing? So long, Tommy burgers...)

So cute and small. Lunch time now equals fun time!


Stefani said...

Why do you do this to me? I see yet another new obsession coming on! And, lucky me, I get to go to the land of the Bento, Japan, in October! :-) Fantastic job, and tasty looking spread!

Barbara said...

Everyone is going to want to trade lunches with you now LOL. Not only do you have the cute container but delicious food!! :)

Angela, MotherCrone said...

I suppose I am off to target as my tween daughter, lover of all things asian, has been bugging me for a bento box. I think this will do the trick! I may even whip up a little lunch tote out of asian fabrics for her to carry it all in....good stuff!

Sarah and Jack said...

I bought Dave a fancy Bento box off Amazon a few years ago. We need to start using it again! The cheaper sandwich box thing is a great idea though. (And even Jack has a little Shinkansen bento for nursery school, lol.)

eviedee said...

When I first saw the little heart I thought that I was going to die because it was so absolutely darling! Have a lovely lunch!

dorie said...

You may have just solved my high cholesterol problem. I think my cholesterol is bad because I eat in the caf. everyday where the food is not so hot. If I can obsess about these cute lunches the same way I do with sewn objects, I am sure to live a healthier life!

Gina said...

Yes, another introduction to cuteness! Thanks : )