Monday, May 14, 2007

May 14: National Wear An Apron Day!

As an apron lover, how could I resist showing my apron pride on National Wear an Apron Day? I did have to work today, however, and in general it is discouraged to wear casual clothes except on Fridays. I had to choose my least aprony-apron, which ended up being a smock/pinafore I bought from Ross (for the record, people much thinner than me would wear this as a dress). So where did I wear my apron?

to the vet

home from the vet

to work

to the bookstore

I also wore it to Starbucks, but too embarrassed to take a pic there :)

Lots of info about aprons at the Tie One On site!

* I caught "the eye" from my boss, and explained that today was National Wear an Apron Day. He replied - Do you think anybody else here knows it is National Wear an Apron Day? No, probably not, I replied weakly.


jungle dream pagoda said...

You always make me giggle("Do you thinkanybody else knows that"?),AND you won my drawing,look for goodies soon,from the Pagoda!!!

dorie said...

you go. It doesn't matter who all at work is down with aprons.

I wish I was wearing a apron the last time I went to the vet.

eviedee said...

You are so adorable! Only 2 hours left in the day, I'd better get into an apron!
I hope that your dog is okay!

gillian said...

lol! You are the apron goddess!

elizabeth said...

how stinkin' cute!!!

i would have never guessed that was an apron. isn't it funny how men have some many comments on what women wear. i swear, i work with so many of em and they always have an opinion as if they know a darn thing about a fashion!

Heidi said...

Good for you! Pfooey on your boss!

The Apronista said...

Psh! Poo on look adorable!