Sunday, April 15, 2007

Week in Review ~ April 8-14

I was so excited to receive an invitation to participate in Jek's Week in Review. I love looking at her own WIR photo montages - seeing not just the "made," but also the "making" and "living" she did that week. I so need motivation like this to both a) learn how to use my camera more effectively and b) be more observant about the photo opportunities that exist around me daily without a lot of staging.

So here's my first Week in Review (Sunday through Saturday). Of course lots of Easter, a couple of a.m. shots, some most excellent mail, the results of my very restrained trip to the Hancock Fabrics closing sale, and a couple of shots from a trip to the Will Rogers State Historic Park, where we enjoyed a picnic with my parents yesterday.

(photo descriptions)
~ Nephew running with the "big boys" at Easter
~ Staircase at Will Rogers State Historic Park. Isn't this the perfect shade of vanilla white?
~ Dappled sunlight made possible by my new living room curtains - yeah!
~ Brothers, playing in the grass at Easter
~ Milk and honey in the a.m.
~ A Dozen Treasures from Little Pink Studio
~ Finding worms
~ Felt Mouse for The Felt Mouse

~ BT's Motorcycle-themed Easter Basket
~ Sweet Old Horse (wish he hadn't cropped like this!)
~ Hancock Fabrics Clearance Goodies
~ Seeds for an indoor garden
~ Easter Egg-plosion

Looking forward to putting these photo montages together on a weekly basis!

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Miss Bliss said...

Looks like you had a very busy week! The horse is perfect, it almost seems like he has something to say.