Sunday, April 29, 2007

Week in Review ~ April 22-28

A very full and fun week! Topped off by my nephew Parker's 3rd b-day - everybody loves a party!

1. May display ~ going Dutch
2. Reclaimed buttons from church rummage sale
3. Pink and aqua ornaments from church rummage sale
4. Rooster cutting board ~ hung up
5. Martha, Martha, Martha - I must buy everything you sell!
6. Folk Art design embroidery project
7. Denim Day L.A.
8. Care Package #9 for My Missionary
9. Switching to cloth napkins for Earth Day
10. The Birthday Boy
11. Jones Soda
12. Cheesy grin
13. Blowing bubbles

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1 comment:

elizabeth said...

oh i am soooo with you on the must buy everything that martha makes. i hit michael's on friday and can i say it took my breath away. everything is so pretty and so clean. i'm surprised i left with what little i did :)