Monday, April 30, 2007

Primavera in Sicilia

Here you thought I've been sitting around on my duff in So Cal, doing my regular thang. Actually, I've been traipsing through Sicily...It's true! Here's proof ~

A necessary headband I picked up during the trip, made by a local artisan. It is made of linen so it goes with everything I brought for my trip. Good for windy days at the beach, collecting sea glass.

From the same artisan ~

Cards of shrinky dink buttons to add a little whimsy to my wardrobe. The bowl is used by the locals to gelato into pretty shapes! Amo il gelato...

Since I really really liked this artisan's style, I just had to have some lovely resin pendants she made.

She said the flowers were really *weeds* and came from her yard. I guess even the weeds in Italy are pretty! She suggested the pendant with pins and threads, so everyone I met on the rest of my trip knew that I sew. And who couldn't use more glitter in their life? The glass pendant (left back) was apparently purchased at an artichoke festival as an earring, but the artisan felt it would look better as a pendant. Isn't she clever?

Just as I was leaving the store, I noticed a few more must haves

a cuff in cute spring colors, cute little fuzzy chickies, a poem by Mother Theresa, and a box of bandaids. As the artisan pointed out, and I agreed, there is something about fresh air that makes one more clumsy. The bandaids would be good to have for the rest of my travels for bee stings, falls, shaving accidents, what have you.

After snatching up all her wares, the artisan insisted I take this little bag full of her favorite picnic recipes

Who wouldn't love to picnic, taking in that Sicilian fresh air?

I did a lot of sightseeing and shopping on my trip, but I also had time to read a book and an Italian craft mag

Good crafts transcend language barriers,

Oh! I also enjoyed the local cuisine. I never seemed to stray too far from someplace selling chocolate

It's funny to see the Italians are just as paranoid as us - the hollow egg did not contains its "sorpresa" inside, but in a cup underneath

The hippos

reminded me of the ones I saw at the local zoo, and the local chocolates are to die for. And of course there was more gelato!

But, the thing I will remember most about Sicily was walking through the local outdoor markets. On the balconies lining the street, sheets and linens were hung out to dry

I had to have a couple for myself (little twin sized sheets that feel like 2,000 thread count!), as well as a lovely little blue and white apron I imagine being used by an Italian nonna to make bread.

My trip was short (why, just yesterday I was antiquing at the Long Beach Antique Market with Evie), but very memorable. Now I have all of these wonderful things to let me visit Sicily in the Spring any time of the year.

If you haven't guessed, this wonderful package came to me via the thoughtful and crafty Emy. We did a Springtime swap. I hope my package reaches her soon! and that she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed mine. Most of the descriptions above were provided by Emy in a card accompanying the package. I truly felt like I've been on a trip to the beautiful place she calls home.Thank you, dear friend!!!


woof nanny said...

Oh I am soooo jealous. And Kinder chocolate too! Drool...
I still have never been to the Rose Bowl, or the Melrose one (I heard that rocks). Hmmm...looks like I'll have to venture north soon.

Miss Bliss said...

What a fantastic package! full of amazing things, I am seriously in L-O-V-E with those that sheet!!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh it's wonderful!! And chocolate hippos?? I LOVE THOSE. Have you eaten one yet? It's full of yummy hazelnut goodness.

Okay, I'll stop but seriously . . . and the resin pendants are totally adorable!

Makes me nervous about our upcoming bird swap! I'd better get crackin'!