Thursday, April 26, 2007

May Display

I had a few holiday choices for my seasonal display for May - May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day - but I decided to go with something different

In general, it is a Spring theme - specifically, it is a Dutch, yellow and blue, tiptoeing-through-the-tulips-to-celebrate-Spring theme. Everyone who has seen it asks if there is a Dutch holiday in May. I'm sure there is - but that isn't what inspired this theme. I guess my *inspiration* was this little trinket box

Given to us by our neighbors after their trip to the Netherlands. I had the blue vases

and found these a-dor-a-ble wooden shoes on Ebay

I'm not entirely happy with how the wreath turned out

but the price was right, as all the ribbon used was on clearance at Joanns for 50 cent per roll.

Coincidentally in determining this theme, I found a plethora of blue and white items at the thrift store during a single visit. I guess the Dutch theme was meant to be! Oh - I made the little runner. If you look closely, you may even see some quilting going on there - I am gaining confidence!

Finally, my branches

I attached all of the blue and yellow buttons I had to them - I think this is one of my favorite uses for the branches yet! No garland this month - the tulips stole the show


Angela, MotherCrone said...

I LOVE THIS! Oh my dutchy goodness. I have the mini twins to your china blue & white clogs, picked them up at a yard sale. Too cute! You are inspiring me to start doing my own is creative and homey at the same time.

Ali said...

I love love love your display-of-the-month idea and the blue and white and yellow thing you have going on is the perfect pick me up on a grey and not too spring-like day. Thanks.

telfair said...

I really like this display...the Dutch theme is perfect and I never would have thought of it.

I think the wreath turned out beautifully, too.

Sarah and Jack said...

The blue and yellow is lovely together. I always struggle with what to put up next also. There really is nothing exciting around my house between Easter and the Fourth of July and then again between the Fourth and Halloween!

Miss Bliss said...

I love this! It looks so fresh and bright... I have a huge mothers day dinner coming up... tulips might be just the fresh touch I was looking for. BTW those wooden shoes, my god they are too cute for words!

Rebecca said...

Oh it's lovely! I love that blue and white look. I have loads of blue and wite myself. And I love your splashes of yellow. Have a fab weekend!

DivaDeb said...

Love Love LOVE those cute branches!!!! Great idea!

woof nanny said...

Oh how fun. I like the branches too. I was at a shop recently that had wire flowers made from buttons--the cutest things. I like the idea of using an old clog as a planter.

jungle dream pagoda said...

The wooden shoes are soooo cute!!!

elizabeth said...

*beautiful* display!!!! i love that you have a wreath for every occastion and love the branch idea. now i'm going to have to walk my new property and find me so pretty branches.