Friday, April 13, 2007

Etsy Love

I should really do a better job of promoting all the Etsy sellers that I buy from. I have loved every single thing I have bought through the site, and have a few people I shop with regularly.

I hate to choose favorites, 'cause everybody is wonderful, but receiving a package from Little Pink Studio is just the best day brightener a girl could ever hope for

(egg carton)

(a whole lotta goodness!)

Here is her cute as can be A Dozen Treasures. I believe she is all sold out of these cute vintage egg cartons filled with (more than) a dozen precious treasures, but it is guaranteed that she will have something equally as charming available soon. She currently has some lovely collage kits, and it seems like you could do some really creative things with her little wooden cottages.

Another plus of shopping with LPS are the extras. She knows how to treat her customers right!!

An Easter egg filled with blank tickets and some blueberry twine

A little pack of extras as a thank you for my repeat business :)

It is so amazing to consider the amount of crafters out there right now, and how easily they can connect to an audience that appreciates their wares. Sure beats the church bazaars of yore with table after table of resin grapes and crocheted tissue covers. I think our grandmothers would be proud of us all for re-sparking an interest in handicrafts. Just wondering - does anybody's grandma buy/sell on Etsy? That would be so cool!


Sarah and Jack said...

When I was a kid we would go to the church carnival by my grandma's house and we would win those bird whistles at the duck pond. Oh how I loved them! I can still hear their pretty little trill.

DivaDeb said...

SO cute! I love inventive packaging like that. The blue & white twine is darling - I would sell my soul to get my hands on some GREEN and white twine.....

kat said...

I love Etsy too.
I decided that if I need presents this year, I would try to buy my gifts from there. So much goodness out there. Love your purchase.
Thanks for spotlighting her store :)

Rebecca said...

Thank you for letting me on this secret! I'm buying more and more from Etsy these days. I love those adorable pink crown tickets! She;s a woman after my own (paper) heart!