Monday, April 23, 2007

Earth Day (a day late)

*Updated* Look what I found at the thrift store today

a whole bunch of cute cloth napkins!! I'm usually kind of squeamish about thrifted linens, as expressed here. But these were just too cute, and befitting of my new waste reduction plan. I guess I get an extra enviro brownie point that I bought used cloth napkins!

I know the expression is "Earth Day, Every Day," so technically I am not really late, right? Actually, that phrase rings more than true for me, as my career is in the environmental field. You probably wouldn't have guessed that from my shoppy ways, huh?

I do little things - I have an army of cloth bags to take to the grocery store with me. I rarely buy books, preferring to check them out from the library. For a long time I took the train to work. Now I live very close to where I work, but it would take three transfers to get there by bus, so I drive. Who would have thought living further away would actually make your commute by mass transit easier.

There are a lot of things I do, however, that are not "environmentally correct," I suppose. I make changes to my lifestyle when they feel right. I also make those changes for me - not to fit into some checklist of "this is what it means to be an environmentalist."

This week I decided to switch to cloth napkins. I am pretty excited to buy, or even make, an eclectic collection of napkins for us to use, and thereby stop buying disposable napkins. The first set was easy - they match these cute placemats from Home Goods. BT will probably be excited to hear about the napkins, but disappointed that there is no corresponding dinner to try them out with tonight...


Sarah Trefny said...

a very lovely and elegant way to make a difference!

leslie said...

just do what you can and thats good enough! i love the napkins!

kat said...

What a great idea. Every bit helps. What do you do for work in the environmental field?

LeeAnn said...

Note to self- make cloth napkins for myself. I always give them away as presents. I need some for my table too!

Rebecca said...

I am switching to cloth myself. I have many and we always use them at parties and dinners but why not everyday? I have enough that I can wash them once a week. Living in NYC I commute on the train and recycling is the law so I'm doing small parts but could be better.