Monday, April 16, 2007

Crafter's Companion #7

My 7th out of 17 projects from The Crafter's Companion (now on Amazon U.S.!) - a Library Tote, as designed by Ms. Fiona

Since it is beneficial sometimes to consider the bad with the good as we travel through the blogosphere together, today I will share what is wrong with the tote shown here ~

* Pocket is wonky (straight on one side, rounded on the other)
* Pocket is too low on the bag
* Binding didn't catch underneath
* Seam on lining and outside come nowhere near matching
* Handle doesn't line up with either
* (The frayed edge,however, is supposed to be that way)

The problem was not the wonderful, well-written pattern. No - it was due to utter frustration on the part of the one sewing the library tote, and her inability to figure out why her machine was doing the craziest set of bad stitches she had ever seen in her life. Trying to work past this, and figuring the machine would just "fix itself," she trudged onward. She dared not rip out any seam that was *almost good enough* for fear that she would not be able to get any seam to stick the next time around. She secretly feared the demise of her sewing machine, and possibly her sewing skills, as she nervously chewed on a thumbnail - wondering if she could get either, but hopefully both, in line in time to finish several outstanding swap packages.

Sewing lesson for the day: Make sure your needle is inserted with the flat part to the back. That is all.


Sarah and Jack said...

I shouldn't laugh, because I am sure it was so NOT funny to you at the moment, but, it is kinda funny.

(And the same stuff happens to me. I once called the tow truck because my car wouldn't start. The tow guy took one look at me, shifted the car into PARK and then started the car. Oh man. LOL)

Catrina said...

I think it turned out great!!

lera said...

It looks great. And I love that pocket fabric.

Amy said...

This is the story of my life..wonky. But the bag looks great from this end :)

Katie Jean said...

I think the bag turned out great. I love your fabric choices

Emily said...

I (too) think the bag turned out great! Nice job.

Fiona said...

The beauty of photos is that we can not see all your flaws.
You should not have told us, we would be none the wiser.
Better then mine (I haven't tried one yet)
I love the colour of the fabric and the pocket. Looks great with that type of handle too.
All in all I think it looks great.
Always room for improvement next time.

elizabeth said...

oh i love everything about this bag!!!

woof nanny said...

Looks okay to me, but the post is fun. Is the machine sewing okay now? If not, perhaps check the tension. Ha! I should talk--I haven't approached a sewing machine in 3 weeks.