Friday, March 09, 2007


Seriously, I have the BEST blog friends! I can only hope that these gifts were sent out of the goodness of the givers' hearts, and not deemed mandatory to get me to shut up about things like my birthday, having the sickies, etc. Nah - I know it was the former ; )

From my fellow Pisces, Elizabeth, a fabu green tiki mug, knitting needles, the cutest trims of all time!, and a lovely tin of mints. Like how the card coordinates with the mug? She's good like that. Elizabeth and I have happily set ourselves on a back and forth mail exchange that doesn't look like it will end anytime soon. Here was my latest gift to her - another tin of embellished recipe cards, along with the red apron from this set (more on the green one shortly) and my last box of cherry chip cupcakes. That shows how much this gal means to me!

Oh - and I also wanted to thank Elizabeth for the idea to put ribbon on my flat of Scotch Moss. It looks mush better now, see?

But wait - there's more! From the lovely Heather, I received a get well soon pack with the requisite GIANT bar of chocolate!

Which, you will notice is (ahem) just an empty wrapper in this photo. She also included the recent issue of Blueprint (As a sidenote - I can finally join the ranks to say I like this magazine now! The first two issues I was not too thrilled with, and even cancelled my subscription. But this one looks promising!) Heather also sent a vintage apron pattern, and more chocolate. But really, can there ever be enough!

Heather is a really great person, and I have enjoyed getting to know her through her blog and through our email exchanges.

Thank both of you sooo much! I feel very spoiled! Oh, and I might feel another cold coming on (cough...cough). Just kidding!


Kate Rogers said...

Get well soon love. Nice to have such beautiful friends.You can also visit my blog on Birthday Gifts too. take good care. lol. ciao

Gina said...

Wow, good stuff!

elizabeth said...

well i am soooo glad that you liked everything. i'm mad at myself for taking so long to get it out in the mail to ya. i wanted it to be in time for your bday, but i'm a procrastinator like that.

everytime i see tiki mugs i think of you. and don't think for one second that i am ungrateful for what you sent me due to the fact that i haven't posted it on the blog. i haven't posted much on the blog lately but i'm hoping to remedy that this week!!!

and i'm flattered that you took my idea for the moss :)

big hugs to you!!1