Saturday, March 24, 2007

Two weeks!

Can you believe Easter is in two weeks?!

Sometimes I feel like time is going at warp speed

(the good ol' days - bicycle speed)

Despite the rapid march of time, I was able to get my Easter display up in a timely manner, and I was able to snap a few photos before the Destructive Duo realize that there are four - count 'em - four containers of cat grass up here

This display will not look this pristine for long. The eggs hiding in the grass and in the egg cups are part of my decoupage egg "collection." They are just the ones you find at Michaels and the like. I'm sure there are better quality ones out there, but I dig the images, so they work for me.

This wooden tree is also from Michaels - I bought it for 50 cents from the clearance aisle years ago and left it in its natural state. I love how these painted wooden eggs look on it.

I hope you don't get tired of seeing the same elements echoed month to month: wreath, garland, branches. I have come to look at it as a challenge to see if I can incorporate all three things into my display. Now when I take one component away, it looks empty to me. These little flowers adorning the branches have a circle of felt in the center. My heart melted at first sight.

The wreath - eh - it didn't quite turn out like I expected. I mean, it's fine. A little granny, but my style is a little granny-esque anyway, I suppose. The red fabric has little chickens hidden in the design - gotta love that! I had originally planned to do the entire display in red and white, using the wreath and this garland from last year. But, Easter is all about the pastels, so how can one resist?

To meld the two color schemes, the garland was updated with multi-colored flags, including a larger flag with a bunny design I embroidered.

I'm off to hop to other crafty endeavors. I may not have as much Easter goodness going on here as you have come to expect from me. My plate is a little full at the moment with swaps and getting some other stuff together to - gasp - sell, if you can believe that. Looking forward to seeing what you all create to welcome Peter Cottontail to your house this year!


jungle dream pagoda said...

That garland is superb! ...and I really should get some of that grass,its spectacular! I also love that 50 cent wooden tree.

Dee Light said...

Every thing is soooo cute and fun. I love the garland, i have been wanting to make one like that. Very festive!!!

Mom said...

I love seeing your wreath, garland, and branches every month! I love the nesting eggs...very cute!

telfair said...

The garland really is a triumph. And I thought the decoupage eggs were so pretty, too.

So are you going to be selling things that you've made?!? Or referring to a more prosaic "spring cleaning garage sale" or "selling some old stuff on Ebay" kind of sale?

Brooke said...

The garland is fabulous-I love the bunnies in between the penants. What are they made of? I don't suppose we could get some closeups and maybe a tutorial on it? Pretty Please.

Jennifer said...

Telfair - Things I make - I am very nervous!

Brooke - The bunnies were purchased on Ebay. Similar to these:

As far as I can tell, the legs are a piece of bump chenille folded in a U-shape, and there is a piece for the arms. You tie the two pieces together using the embroidery floss you are going to use to hang it, and then glue a vintage image onto the point where the two pieces intersect. Good luck buying or making your own!

Amy said...

Oh noooooo. I still haven't found my box of Easter decs! Thanks for the heads-up. Have to go out to the garage now. Eeeeeek!