Monday, March 12, 2007

Irish Spring

Really - any care package sent in the month of March should not be without it

Plus an assortment of green candies, stickers, a grow-your-own-shamrock kit, etc.

With a funny green bowtie that won't be worn, but it's funny to think about if it was.

And even though we are not supposed to package things up in cutesy wrappings, I just could not resist using my shamrock packing tape!

Isn't it the cutest? Wouldn't YOU like to receive a package wrapped in shamrock tape? Tune in tomorrow to find out how!


elizabeth said...

oh i love all the greeness!!! and i'd love to receive a package with some irish, one thing i could cross off my shopping

jungle dream pagoda said...

Such fun !! Stinky old Irish Spring really does put you in the mind od St.Patricks day!

Patricia said...

I used to love the Irish Spring commercials, for some reason I loved when the guy would slice off a piece of the soap. What a dork I am. Love the tape!!