Thursday, March 22, 2007

In the Navy

I am a sucker for all things nautical!

I love when this trend comes back into style every few years. Granted, some things I wear even when they are not in style, but it is nice when fashion comes around full circle and suddenly you are *cool* again.

What nautical style means to me ~

Cute shoes

a must!

Boatneck shirts with three-quarter length sleeves

A bling anchor (love this most of all!)

and a patchwork clutch made from The Crafter's Companion (my 6th project from the book)

It came out really cute, in no small part due to the fabulous sailboat fabric. I didn't really factor in seam allowances when I cut out the pieces to make the patchwork, so I was forced to make those seams really small (rather than start over like a normal person would do). The seam between the sailboats and the small navy dots didn't catch, so I used embroidery floss to keep 'em together (a mistake is really an opportunity in disguise!)

Oh wait - I can't forget the quintessential nautical accessory - Old Spice!

Actually, this was a joke gift for BT. One of his favorite actors and all-time heroes, Bruce Campbell, is currently doing an ad campaign for O.S. If Bruce endorses it, it has to be cool! Ah - no. Still as stinky as ever.

Shopping for the Old Spice, I recalled my high school scent of choice - Navy. It went with the nautical clothes, you know. Lo and behold - they still sell it! I was tempted to buy some and torture BT with a bathroom filled with cheap perfume - but - too many memories {sniff} I think everyone in high school wore some type of drug store perfume. All different types, of course - you wouldn't want to be labeled as a poser by wearing somebody else's perfume. Designer knock-offs were popular, too - the kind that came in a little spray can. I don't think anybody wore the real thing. After gym class, girls would douse themselves with scents like A Little Sexy, which was supposed to smell like Red by Giorgio. Gag. But somehow those people were not posers...Teenage logic. Our classroom must have smelled terrific - all of those scents competing with each other and mingling with the teen b.o. God love our homeroom teacher!


Shannon said...

I LOVE those blue shoes! :)

cristina said... it all. you should be happy today that we dont live in the same city - because i would sooo be borrowing that shirt...

Emy said...

I love nautical style as well. Unfortunately my husband does not. Its the job. I have several blue and white striped shirts that I absolutely love. He tells me every time that I look like a sailor. Who cares that American sailors never wore blue and white stripes? I'm currently dying for a pair of sailor pants. May have to make my own.

Rachel said...

I love the nautical stuff too, a lot of the stores seem to be selling a lot of it! I esp. like the 1930s vintage look nautical.

CountryGirl_CityLife said...

I love those blue shoes, where oh where are they from? Your bag is awesome as well. Lovely blog!

Jennifer said...

The shoes are from Bakers. The brand is BC footwear. Here they are online

Miss Bliss said...

Too cute with the shoes! And I think that the hand stitching makes that bag!

Carrie S. said...

Those blue shoes? Awesome. Where? Are they old? Probably. Dang. Love them though!

Beth said...

Oh man, I love those red shoes!

telfair said...

You know what? I'm a big fan of Bruce Campbell too!!

And I used to wear so much Liz Claiborne that a high school friend told me that a blind man would know if I were walking down the hall.

woof nanny said...

I love the dresses for little girls with the big rectangular collar, and the bow in front.

I'm not for scents on a man, but I can't help it, I 'heart' Old Spice. Reminds me of my grandpa or my dad, or an old boyfriend who wore the deodorant. Yum!

brooke said...

I love, love, love those navy blue skimmers! It's much easier to make believe you spend your summers on a yacht when you are wearing your nauticals!