Wednesday, March 07, 2007

In the Green

Fáilte! (which may or may not mean "Welcome" in Gaelic..)

All St. Patrick's Day preparations were on hold waiting for the gnome's (subbing this year for a leprechaun) wee little cottage to be delivered

He has set up his home on a flat of Scotch Moss on a piece of linen.
I could not think of anything clever to encase the moss, so it is in the original plastic (any ideas appreciated!)

Thanks, Elizabeth, for the great idea to use ribbon!

I also made a wreath using Fun Fringe after seeing Sally's Valentine version here

This is a very fun project - I will definitely be making one of these again for another holiday. A note - it took two packages of the fringe to cover a 16 inch wreath.

Just a couple more quick projects. I printed out vintage St. Patrick's Day postcards and inserted them with wire into corked glass bottles

and decorated my ever-present branches with shamrocks cut from music pages. I would like to say they are cut from sheet music of "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling," but alas - the sheet music I use for projects by and large comes from a boring old trumpet practice book I found at an antique store.

I will end with some helpful Gaelic phrases:

bhfuil an teach pobail? ---- Where is the Pub?

Ca bhfuil do sheomra leaba? --- Where is your bedroom?

Ta agam le rudai a cheannach --- I have to do some shopping

An gabh tu pios caca? --- Will you have a piece of cake? (Ok - how awful that "cake" is "caca" in Irish! Maybe somebody should confirm these phrases before we all start using them and end up saying something we will regret!)


eviedee said...


Gerry said...

That is so cute. Are you selling them? It'll be such a nice gift idea for St. Paddy's Day.

elizabeth said...

super cute!!!

could you just take a wide piece of green (or st. paddy's day) ribbon and wrap around the container your moss sits in?

jungle dream pagoda said...

Again ,you win the blogspot soundbite of the week award. This time for "I would like to say....sheet music... Irish eyes...,but no ...boring old trumpet practice book"
The decor has my Irish eyes smiling though!!!

Ashley said...

Hi Jennifer. I love this wreath! I found this post while searching for some St. Patrick's Day crafts on Flickr. I wanted to do a feature on my new blog and I included this craft in it. Check it out, Thanks!