Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Salute You!

A couple of weekends ago, I watched my three nephews, ages 5 yr., 4 yr., and 3 mo., overnight. I hope you caught that last one - 3 months. By myself (no BT - he suddenly had very important business to attend to. I'll bet.) I'm not going to sugar coat things - I was in over my head.

Before the reality of the big weekend hit, I had big plans to write cute a "Mommy Blogger for a Day" post. But, as it turned out, there was no crafting. There was no camera. There was no time to blog or use the computer. There was only the employment of basic survival tactics and maximum effort to avoid tantrums, fights, and tears (the kids, however, were fine).

Ok - we tried to do one little craft - Jek's nature walk bracelets

Here is mine. Actually, mine was the only one that made it home. I believe the other two were left at Walgreens, but I can't be sure. One had a bug stuck on it, so sorry to whomever had to pick that up. We left Walgreens with Silly Putty, the good cookies that we like, Aunt Jen - not your kind, a tape lint roller from our house (I hadn't realized it came with us on our journey until it was put up on the counter to "pay" for it), baby wipes, since the amount supplied had been exhausted through many messy diapers courtesy of Baby Ethan, and a pair of handcuffs (I told you - survival)

Here is the resulting nature bookmark - made after my little angels left

I always feel bad when our young company leaves, like I did an ok job providing for their care, but didn't have enough fun with them. Imagine how pleased I was to get these letters in the mail today

It appears that the little munchkins had loads of fun after all, blowing GIANT bubbles* (really wish I had gotten a pic of this activity), playing with Aunt Jen's hodge podge of toys, walking on "dino feet" stilts (like the tin can version from back in our day, only leaves a dino print in the sand), petting Chuy (he's in the picture on the right), and going to the park. Oh, and arresting Aunt Jen with the handcuffs. Really, you guys need to have more faith in me.

Like I have in you. To all the Mommy Bloggers - I salute you! I don't know how you get it all done, but God Bless You for it!

* If you want to have the most rockin' gift for less than $10 at the next b-day party you attend - buy this a.s.a.p. You will not regret it. The kids confiscated mine, but I'm getting another one!


Megan said...

3 months. OMG. I don't know whether to send you a medal in the mail asap, or laugh my head off. You choose.

Emy said...

I'm not sure about other moms, but its only a very good day that is filled with fun. Most days are more about survival. Not to say that it isn't still filled with laughs, but lately a good day for me is not wanting to cry at the end of the day. Sadly, its been several days since that has happened.
Even when I do try to make a special day for Cale, he enjoys really simple stuff, like eating outside, pointing out the birds together, reading a book. That's what I love most about kids. Everything is new to them. They look at things completely different than we do.
My niece always loved me so much. She had such a good time brushing my hair and stuff like that! She really just liked attention from someone who wasn't her mom.
So even if you see your day as not that great, I assure you they loved it more than you can imagine.

OldRound said...

Must have been exhausting! Like running a marathon when you're not a marathoner.

leslie said...

thanks for the tips jen! it is hard to get it all done, thats why i hope for a day off once a week while everyone is at school and daycare to TRY and get a handle on the's a labor of love though. i will email you soon! finally spoke with kelli! :)