Monday, March 26, 2007

April Coloriffic Swap ~ To Send

I haven't participated in Coloriffic Swap-O-Rama for quite some time. Just too busy with other stuff going on, I suppose.

(trim, and buttons sewn to a card)

The color combo for April, however, was just too good to pass up - lavender, cream, and a little bit of black (that's the part that did it for me - letting a little bit of darkness creep in!)

(Embellished pencil holder, wind-up toy, heart brads, and a mini drawing mannequin)

I thought I was going to have a problem finding things, and I was right - this is not an easy color combination to come by! It forced me to be a little more creative in my selections. You also had to decide if you wanted to focus on more of the cool side of what could be defined as lavender, or the warm side (almost a lilac). I went with the latter, as it seemed to match the sample pics that Jek provided for this month.

(I had to send a little something Easter-y, but she isn't into candy! I found this cut-out in the right color but plain other than that at Borders.)

My partner is an artist, and favors paper crafts. She also likes sewing notions, and seems to like making ATCs. So, I put together a little ephemera pack for her

About 75 percent of it was stuff I already had. It just didn't seem like quite enough, so I bought a pack from Velvet Finch. I left a comment that I know it is not how these miscellaneous ephemera packs work, but if there was any way she could include a few bits of lavender and cream, I would be most grateful. She hooked me up! I ended up with just the right bits to pull everything together. Some of the most amazing things were the smallest elements of the pack. You can barely see them in the bottom right-hand corner, but they are gummed stickers of praying hands. They are actually shown "gummy side up," as the printed side is gold. But, my partner is Christian, and specifically mentioned gummed stickers as something she really likes. How divine!

My homemade item (besides the embellished pencil holder and bunny) are four gift tags

dyed in similar fashion to my other favorite Etsy-based supplier of ephemera - Little Pink Studio. I added canceled bird postage stamps, sheet music, and stamped images.

Finally I packed everything into a beautiful hat box from Target

(A vintage handkerchief is rolled up in the back. Also a booklet of rub-on quotes is included)

and tied it up with a satin bow

Still need to add a little bit of black in the form of a card to the outside of the box, but I am very happy with how everything came out. And, this is the first time in this swap that I am shipping domestically - yahoo!


jek-a-go-go said...

you are killing me with all the prettiness! yer person is one lucky gal! I had a hard time with the cream...weird, i know but i kept forgetting about it. I'll be posting my pictures soon as I actually take some! so inspiring, keep on crafting!

Emy said...

Everything looks so pretty together. I guess that's the point of a color swap though! Your partner should be really happy! I wouldn't worry at all!

cristina said...

wow - totally awesome presentation there...and great loot to boot.

elizabeth said...


how do you do it? all of the pkgs that you send are simply stunning. seriously. i'm envious (well i shouldn't be too much, i've received such beautiful pkgs. in the mail from you :)


kat said...

Your partner is very very lucky!
Love the colours and the entire presentation. Just lovely.

Miss Bliss said...

How gorgeous are those colors! Love them!!! You are so overall presentation perfect! I second the notion that this one lucky chick to receive such a well thought out and executed package!

Stephanie Lynn said...

Wow, I would so love getting a swap package from you. You always seem to put so much thought into your packages! I'd love to do the colorific swap some month...but probably not until I'm done with school (five months, but who's counting???).

Heidi said...

Wow, how generous. And what a grea combo of cool things. This is not a color combination I have considered before. That's nice about those color-themed swaps.

Gina said...

MIND BLOWING!!! Perfection my dear.

woof nanny said...

That ephemera pack is jaw-dropping awesome. Love the wind-up toy. And what was that about you not liking collage??? Those tags are awesome!

little lovelies said...

Wow, don't I wish I was your partner!

Rebecca said...


This is gorgeous! You did so well finding all the right color elements!! I love the idea of the trim and ribbon the tag, that is so cute! I was actually looking for a way to store some vintage trim I have. Hmm . .