Sunday, February 25, 2007


Some months I slide through with very few purchases. Other months end with the bank cards hot to the touch. This was one of those months. I *realized* that I hadn't bought any Japanese stuff for awhile, so a trip to Little Tokyo was in order.

The result: Three new books

ISBN 4-391-62350-1
Scandinavian-inspired craft projects

ISBN 4-579-11122-2
Simple design craft items for kids (mostly school + lunch related)

ISBN 4-579-10744-6
A very cool apron book. You will definitely know when I make an apron from this book, as the designs have a very distinctive style.

* A note for locals: The MARUKAI 98 cent store in Little Tokyo (Japanese Village Plaza) is CLOSED. The other store in that shopping center that sells most items for $1.50 is still open, though. The Marukai grocery store has changed locations (still in Weller Court - just moved to the other side). *

Well, you know how it is when you get your heart set on something - you have to see it through. This is especially true when shopping is involved. So, finding the downtown location closed, I headed out to the Marukai 98 cent store in Cypress.

JACKPOT!! I won't bore you by showing pics of everything I bought. Who knows - you may be seeing some of it in a swap package coming to a mailbox near you soon. But, I had to show off (read: brag about) the extreme cuteness of these garden picks.

Finally, I found an alternate source for Japanese fabric than Superbuzzy or kitty-craft, and in doing so I broke the bank. Don't get me wrong - I love both sellers, and pore over their websites weekly. It doesn't hurt to have multiple sources for things you love. The new to me seller is actually on Ebay, but pretty difficult to find through your average search (the word "Japanese" is not mentioned anywhere in the item description). I would link here, but am kind of skittish about giving this info out (Coleen would know why). If you are interested, please email me. If I don't respond, please don't be offended - it just means we need to get to know each other better first. I'm sure if you look hard enough, you will find this seller as well, anyway - Ebay is pretty transparent. *Hint* enter search words of things you love seeing represented on Japanese fabric.


Miss Bliss said...

Okay, I seriously love the three little pigs mini pick!!!!! I gotta have it!

telfair said...

Those craft books look really cool. I can't wait to see some of the resulting aprons.

I have to stop buying knitting books as I seriously will never in my lifetime be able to knit all the things I want to out of the ones I already have!

Sarah and Jack said...

I am so jealous of all you who have access to Japanese stuff without having to buy it on the internet!

Donna said...

Oh man, I was in Los Angelos a few years ago, but it was my first time there and I only had one day for shopping so I spent most of my time in Chinatown. I missed so much in Little Tokyo, now I want to go back someday. Those picks are so cute!

Matroskin said...

I like your blog. I'm obsessed with aprons and the Japanese apron book looks great. As a matter of fact, I visited a lovely Japanese shop today. The (Japanese) saleswoman had a wonderful patchwork Totoro apron she had just bought in Tokyo. I was green with envy. I also collect seventies patterns for aprons, smocks and pinafores.

Jane said...

I have been wanting to go to Marukai for a while now. Must put that on my to do list! Great finds! I also love your rainbow heart apron!

Barb said...

I'd love to get together some day with you and go to Little Toyko. I didn't even know it existed.
I've bought from Super Buzzy, but I hadn't heard of the other. I just added it to my blog links. I have a Japanese market here that has an attached Sanrio store and a bookstore (though I liked the former bookstore better. There used to be one like it in Newport Beach at that big plaza). I have also purchased Japanese craft books off ebay, but not Japanese fabrics.

Dee Light said...

What fun. I have been sewing for years, but somehow never new about the japanese fabric. Thanks for the links. You are so fortunate to have access to such fun Japanese things.

leslie said...

hope this comment doesnt go twice, sometimes it doesnt go thru! i originally commented: love those books! can i sneak a peak? i need to make a trip to that little tokyo with you, i will work on getting a friday off. maybe the japanese bookstore has them? sarah? :)

Lotta said...

Gah! Chicago needs to get a Japanese dollar store pronto!