Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Round Playing Card Tin (pictureless) Tutorial

It doesn't happen often, surely not as often as it does for some crafty ladies out there, but occasionally somebody requests more information via email about a project I have done. I cheerfully oblige to put together the information, flattered, of course, that somebody is interested in starting a similar project. I recently wrote up the directions for a bride-to-be for the playing card tin made for Elizabeth, including product links, so thought I would share it with all of you

Sorry I don't have more "in process" pictures, but I think you'll get the gist : )

~ The round playing cards I bought at the Michaels dollar section last year, but I recently saw they have restocked them. I think these are the same ones online for $3 per pack. The box looks the same as the one I bought at Michaels. The box is deceiving, as the cards inside have an intricate design on the back and are hot pink.

You might contact this company to make sure what color the backs of their cards are if you are particular about the color.

~ The tin is similar to these. The one I used had a little bit of a lip on the lid, but I think you'd be ok with a flat top. I glued a ribbon around the rim of the lid using tacky glue.

~ The chipboard letter is from this set from Making Memories. They sell this product at Michaels, and I have found a lot of uses for the letters since I bought them. You can use the letter shape itself, or the *negative* once the letter is removed (like I used for the tin). It was kind of difficult to cut the small dot paper to be the same as the round piece of chipboard and follow the lines of the letter E, but I'm sure you'll develop a technique if you make a lot of these as favors.

~ Then it's just a matter of backing the chipboard letter with a piece of scrapbooking paper, and tying on a charm with ribbon!

Happy crafting! If you make any of these as favors, please add them to the Party Favors Flickr group!



Miss Bliss said...

Thanks so much for the know how! We have a party that we will be throwing soon and I am knee deep in planning, these just might be the perfect take home...

And thanks for the super sweet words. I realize complaining because of a few updated things is absurd... sometimes I forget that other people read it too!!! You're just too sweet!

elizabeth said...

well i can't express how much i love these and look at em every day.

and there is a whole world of scrapbooking supplies that would be great on these. thanks for the tip on getting them at michael's. i'll have to check them out.

also, if you have a scrapbooking store in the area, that would be a good place too!

laura said...

i saw that on elizabeth's site earlier this year, and i couldn't believe you made it! so cute! thanks for sharing the instructions.