Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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The present from Barb


A very useful Kokuyo Kaddy for toting all my essential supplies for crafting on the go! Also, the funniest birthday card I think I have ever received, and a party popper with a big label stating that it was not a firework, as I believe a customs inspector might have thought otherwise upon seeing the size of this baby.

Sappy sidenote that has to be said: Barb and I email each other nearly every day. We bounce ideas off each other, both personal and craft-related. Sometimes we just throw a link off to the other one. I have come to think of her as a really good friend, even though we have yet to meet in person. Thank you so so much, Barb - for - well - everything!!!

But - getting back to customs officials, I think the one that allowed my birthday candle to enter the U.S. was definitely asleep that day. I first saw the candle here through Melissa's blog. I had a Veruca Salt moment where I stated that I wanted that candle and I wanted it NOW.

One thing I don't have super easy access to here is Asian supermarkets. The nearest one is about half an hour away, and I didn't want to run the risk of going there and they wouldn't have this piece of pink plastic wonderment. So instead I ordered mine off Ebay from the UK. At the time, I didn't see any U.S. sellers, which really makes me wonder if these things are really legal in the U.S. at all.

Really I don't know how Jenny managed to take so many pictures of this thing. BT and I were positively in a state of shock when it lit up! Though it kind of looks like an innocent sparkler in the first picture, there is an actual flame about a foot tall and maybe an inch or so in diameter that starts as soon as you light the candle with the punk it comes with. So, uh, make sure party decorations, your hair, and small children's faces are nowhere near this thing. The flame lights 8 mini candles on petals that unfold while the whole thing rotates and plays a tinny version of Happy Birthday.

I don't think any cake I have from here on in can be adorned with anything less.

Tomorrow - my ulterior reason for wanting to go roller skating...


Megan said...

That candle. Wow.

Barb said...

I love how National Jen Day is extending into a three day post. Excellent. I love that candle too. Very cool. I hope you liked the box and the pom-poms too--all picked out with your name in mind. And you are definitely a true friend to me as well. Absolutely.

Ashley said...

omy birthday is exactly one month from today and i MUST have one of those candles!!!!
is there a specific name for it?! if so please email it to me so i can google one for myself!! thanks a ton!

ps... i read your site often, you're wonderful!

Patrina said...

Eeeeeee! Oh happy giddyness! I love your blog, and this post by far shot me over the moon. :) I did a study/teaching exchange thing in china and happened to be there on my birthday so a couple of the other exchangers bought me a birthday cake and it had one of these lotus candles on it. It was so great, we had no idea what it would do and it was just delightful. The best part was how wonderfully out of tune and awful the happy birthday song was and how it wouldn't shut off. the thing kept going for at least a half hour after the candle burnt out. :) SO we threw it onto our hotel neighbors balcony. I think they were mightily confused.

ljc said...

I got so many pictures of the candle because I actually shot video of it and my camera automatically creates stills from the video